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Where to eat in Cádiz

Posted on 14 . October 2020

Cádiz is a beautiful and ancient port city in Spain and one of Andalucía’s must-visit locations. With stunning historical attractions, top beaches, museums, charming culture, and plenty of sun, it’s easy to see why so many flock to the city. Cádiz also has a wonderful culinary scene to compliment the vast array of fun things to see and do. Its seaside location means that fresh fish comes in copious supply and fans of traditional tapas will not be left wanting either. No matter where you wander in the city, there seems to be a top bar, café, or restaurant to drop by for a scrumptious meal or bite to eat.

To help you plan a future visit to the city – a perfect way to use a car hire in Malaga– we’ve highlighted just some of the many excellent dining options available. At the time of publishing this article, enjoying many of the Cádiz’s culinary delights isn’t possible due to global circumstances but, in the future, visitors have so many dining options to look forward to.

Paulina, from the travel blog Paulina on the Road, has spent time in Cádiz and spoke to us about what she believes makes the food scene here so wonderful:

“Cádiz is probably one of the top cities to visit in Spain for foodies. Why? Because you can get food here that you cannot find anywhere else in Spain. What makes the food in Cádiz so unique? As you know, Cádiz is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, hence there will never be a shortage of fresh fish and the tastiest seafood. But besides that, Cádiz is very close to mountain ranges where some of the finest Iberian pork farms are located. Hence the cuisine of Cádiz is an intriguing mix of light, fresh seafood but you’ll also find hearty mountain dishes on every restaurant’s menu.”

Paulina also runs the blog Visit Southern Spain – check out her article dedicated to the best Andalusian cuisine – and shared with us her top tip for eating in Cádiz, advising that visitors look to enjoy taps that is unique to the city:

“When in Cádiz, try to skip the tapas that you can see all over Andalusia. If you’re in Cádiz you should try some of the most typical meals from Cádiz and its surroundings, that can only be found here. For instance, the tortillitas de camarones (shrimp fritters), ortiguillias de Cádiz (fried sea anemones) or cabrillas en tomate (snails in a yummy tomato sauce) are only a few of the dishes that you cannot skip!”

El Faro de Cádiz


Known in English as ‘The Lighthouse of Cádiz’, El Faro de Cádiz has been delighting patrons for a half-century in the lovely old neighbourhood of La Vina. This family-run restaurant has been recognised by TripAdvisor for the consistent praise it receives from satisfied customers. Priding itself on being the ‘taste of the sea’ and the ‘aroma of Cádiz’, visitors can look forward to a warm welcome to its restaurant, bar, and wine cellar. With tradition and family being El Faro’s mantra, the restaurant says: “A standard-bearer of Cádiz gastronomy, in its kitchens the history of five decades of illusion, product, work and flavour is written. Three generations reinventing the tradition of Cádiz cuisine to delight the palate of our guests.”

Utilising fresh local produce, their menu contains the likes of Iberian ham, clams with marinara, seafood meatballs, and anchovies on toast.

Ventorrillo el Chato


Ventorrillo el Chato is a charming and authentic beachfront restaurant, located on a long stretch of Andalucían sand that connects Cádiz with San Fernando. With excellent customer reviews adding to its stellar reputation, for those looking for great food and a top wine cellar, this is the spot to be at. To accompany the likes of their tasty shrimp fritters, tempered chocolate cake, and duck & foie ravioli, Ventorrillo el Chato is also home to plenty of history. There has been a restaurant here since 1780 and King Ferdinand VII dine here during his imprisonment in Cadiz in 1823. There is also more than one way to enjoy their menu, with a restaurant, pick up option, and Uber Eats all being available.

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Sopranis restaurant in Cadiz

Image credit: Sopranis

One of Cádiz’s many treasures is the beautiful cathedral. After visiting it during your trip, enjoying a bite to eat at nearby Sopranis is a must. Fusing tradition and modernity with bold, innovative techniques and traditional flavours, Sopranis has all the ingredients for a memorable meal in the city. Utilising fresh and seasonal produce, this restaurant has picked up rewards from the Michelin Guide and a plethora of happy customer reviews on TripAdvisor. With a tapas bar on-site and a terrace to enjoy the sights and sounds of one of Cádiz’s oldest neighbourhoods, you can find yourself tucking into sardine ceviche salad with avocado cream, sea-bass with black garlic vichyssoise, and crispy piglet with garlic and dried apricots. Sopranis also offers a ‘gourmet experience’ with six delicious courses selected by the chef.

Casa Hidalgo Pastry Shop

Fernandin Casa Hidalgo in Cadiz

Image credit: Casa Hidalgo

Another gem located near to the cathedral is Casa Hidalgo, an amazing local pastry shop replete with the tastiest treats and baked goods you can find in the city. From a wide selection of cakes and tasty puff pastries to homemade doughnuts, yummy French bombs and a collection of traditional Spanish delights, if you have a sweet tooth you simply can’t miss out on Casa Hidalgo. You can get a taste of what to expect at this fantastic little shop on their website, with a menu of some of their offerings and tantalising photos. There is no question that stopping by for a tasty treat when strolling through the historic streets of Cádiz is the way to go.

Café Royalty

Cafe Royalty in Cadiz

Image credit: Café Royalty

Everywhere you turn in Cádiz there is a great place to eat and a fascinating slice of history to discover. At Café Royalty, both are rolled into one with a top-notch restaurant in sumptuous and historic surroundings. Set in an immaculately restored Rococo-style salon, this café not only serves great food but is the best-preserved historical romantic café in Andalucía and perhaps in all of Spain. Decorated with beautiful frescos, stunning paintings, handcrafted carpentry and fine gold leaf, this is a dining establishment like no other. So, if you fancy a treat, you must get a table at Café Royalty for a menu of traditional Cádiz cuisine like Alambraba red tuna, Retinto meat, snapper from the bay or one the Royalty’s breakfasts (named as one of the five best breakfasts in Spain by Condé Nast).

Tapas in Cádiz

Cadiz photography

Of course, you can’t visit Andalucía without trying some traditional tapas. David, from Everyday Food Blog, has spent plenty of time in Cádiz when he lived in Seville and is a big fan of the local cuisine. David has shared some of the local tapas that you should make sure to get your hands on, including Chicharrones – strips of roasted pork belly drizzled in olive oil and local sea salt, and Ortiguillas Fritas, which are fried sea anemones that are a must for seafood lovers. David has also shared a simple tip for discovering tapas in the city:

“Like every city in southern Spain, the food in Cádiz is delicious and plentiful. It seems like there’s a tapas bar on every corner (and in between the corners too!). In general, if you see locals at a bar, it’s a good sign. With so many places to choose from, every bar can only survive by serving good food for a good price (usually less than 5 euros per tapa).”

Places to eat at in Cádiz

  • El Faro de Cádiz
  • Ventorrillo el Chato
  • Sopranis
  • Casa Hidalgo Pastry Shop
  • Café Royalty

We hope that when you are next able to make it to Cádiz, you check out a few of the above suggestions. The food of this glorious city is truly a perfect complement to this historic and beautiful seaside destination. Of course, with the ever-changing situation due to the pandemic, make sure to check with the restaurants themselves for their latest details and opening status.

For more tips, guides, and advice on all things Andalucía, head to our blog.

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