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Useful apps for beach capacity on the Costa del Sol

Posted on 29 . June 2020

A holiday on the Costa del Sol is not the same without a day at the beach. The “new normality” in Spain means that to spend a day on the beach has to be planned a little more than before. The new covid-19 restrictions apply a maximum capacity for the beaches.

In that sense apps and websites, can help you to stay informed before you head off to the beach. We will here suggest you some of them.

Apart from the maximum capacity on the beach, there is also applied 2 metres social distance among the sunbathers. Some beaches have designated areas where to sunbathe, but on most beaches, you can choose where you want to go. In addition, a 6-metre-wide belt must be kept free at the shoreline.

The Andalusian government has hired several thousands of “beach guards” this summer to make sure the beaches are not being crowded and there is kept social distancing.

A website that indicates in real-time the capacity of all Costa del Sol beaches is “Aforocostadelsol”. Click here.


Here you can select the city and the beach you want to go to, and you will see the percentage of users on the beach. Unfortunately, the website is only in Spanish, but it is very intuitive to use. You will also be informed whether there are waves or wind and whether there are jellyfish in the sea.

In addition to this site, some municipalities have created their own beach capacity app.

Benalmadena Town Hall has released the app “Social-beach“.  After registration on the app it will show how many people are on each beach in the municipality. You must scan a QR code when you arrive to the beach. This way, the number of beach visitors is controlled in real time.  Should you head off to the beach without your mobile phone, there will be a beach guard who can help one scan the QR code.

In Fuengirola, the website and app for controlling the capacity on the beach is called

Fuengirola Socialguardian beach app

The site is very user-friendly where you select the beach you want to go to and in real-time you can see how many how people are on the beach.

Fuengirola socialguardian beach app


The Malaga Town Hall has a free app “Malaga Funciona” (MLG Funciona), where below “Playas” (beaches) you can see the percentage of occupancy on the beaches in Malaga.  You can register in a calendar the time and amount of people for your beach visit.  The disadvantage of this app is that it is only in Spanish and you have to register to be logged in.

Therefore, we recommend using the web link from “Aforocostadelsol”, which covers the entire Costa del Sol – or that you leave early in the morning and find a beach where there is space.

Please note it is not necessary to reserve a space at any of the beaches on the Costa del Sol.

You can also ask at the tourist office which website or app can be used to see in advance the occupancy of the beach you want to stay at.

Have a great day at the beach and enjoy the sunshine!

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