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Helle Hollis, the first car hire company in Spain to obtain FENEVAL´s “Covid-19 protected area” certification audited by TÜV

Posted on 13 . July 2020

Helle Hollis car rental  is the first car hire company in Spain, certified by TÜV SÜD to comply with the Spanish Ministry of Health’s hygiene regulations – “Covid-19 protected area”.

Helle Hollis has just been certified by TÜV SÜD as the first car hire company in Spain to qualify for  FENEVAL´s certificate “Covid-19 protected area“, says administration and IT manager Søren Dahl Hansen, and continues, “the entire certification process has involved that all procedures in Helle Hollis has been revised and adapted to the new Covid-19 safety measures. ”

This includes the procedure for disinfecting the rental car before a new rental, which involves thoroughly interior cleaning with a disinfectant, as well as the use of an ozone generator that removes all bacteria, viruses and fungal spores.

Other safety procedures are disinfecting customer areas and the courtesy bus several times a day, as well as limiting the number of customers at the reception. In addition, there is compulsory use of face mask among staff and customers, and social distance of 1.5 meters together with free hand sanitizer available in the installations.

All this has involved intensive training of the staff and subsequent audit and certification by TÜV SÜD.

TÜV is a worldwide recognized certification company that guarantees that all safety measures are taken into account.

FENEVAL is the Spanish industry association for car hire companies, which has prepared the certificate “Covid-19 protected area” based, among other things, on the guidelines of the Spanish Ministry of Health.

“With this certification, we go a step further in securing both customers and staff through compliance with all safety procedures. You can therefore safely rent a car from Helle Hollis,” concludes the company’s director, Hans Hugo From.

All Helle Hollis cars will be adorned with the certification sticker as soon as possible, as a visible proof that Helle Hollis is a “covid-19 protected area” where, as an employee, you can work safely and as a customer can safely rent your car.




Updated April 2021 with Feneval Covid-19 protected Area certificate – valid 2021-22

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