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How to enjoy a day in Roquetas de Mar

Posted on 14 . January 2021

There are so many ways to enjoy a relaxing getaway in Southern Spain. Andalucia is full of wonderful locations to visit and this certainly includes Roquetas de Mar, a coastal town in the Almeria province known for its long beaches and glorious climate. If you find yourself in Andalucia during a future Spanish holiday, taking a day out in Roquetas de Mar is well worth considering. It’s easily accessible with a car hire from Malaga airport and has plenty of fun things to see and do to fill your day in the town. To give you some inspiration, we have put together this guide, giving you some options for how to enjoy a day in Roquetas de Mar.

At the time of publishing this article, visiting the Roquetas de Mar might not be possible due to global circumstances but, in the future, visitors can look forward to a lovely day out in the Spanish town.

Relax on an enormously long beach

Roquetas de Mar beach

When one decides to head to Southern Spain for a holiday, spending some time relaxing on the beach is normally part of the wish list. Well, you can certainly have your wish fulfilled in Roquetas de Mar as the area is well known for its enormously long beach. Playa Serena is a favourite in the area, a beautiful beach that is panoramically wide and stretches along the coast for around 8km. Plenty of room for playing with the kids or finding a spot to sunbathe in the lush Almeria sun. The beach here is well looked after, kept in spotless condition with a palm-lined promenade running parallel. Further still, there are beach bars on hand so you can easily quench your thirst or get a bite to eat during your time here.

Molly, from the Spanish travel blog Piccavey, has visited Roquetas de Mar and shared her thoughts with us about the beach: “The beach at Roquetas de Mar is a large expanse of sand. This means that you have plenty of space between towels. There is also a long walkway from the old town and castle along the seafront. This makes a good place to stroll or ride a bike. There are also lots of different shops and restaurants to choose from when you have a beach day. A good option which is popular with locals is El Cocodrilo. They serve honest, quality food at reasonable prices.”

Cristina, from the blog Memories of the Pacific, had a great time in Roquetas de Mar and told us some of the reasons why: “I had a wonderful time in Roquetas. I was there on summer vacation with my husband and we enjoyed every minute of it. Roquetas is mainly a touristy coastal spot but it has a lovely old town where you can find a lighthouse, a castle, the marina and fishing port. The beach is not crowded, goes on for miles and the water is warm and calm just the way I like it!”

The sand at the beach here is more of the shingle variety, typical of Almeria beaches, as is the desert-like climate. As a result, Cristina has some advice for those planning a visit, recommending: “If you are planning to visit the beach, I’d advise you to get a good pair of water slippers because the sand is not as soft as in other Spanish beaches. It consists of tiny pebbles which make it difficult to walk, especially when you get close to the water.”

Go shark cage diving at the aquarium


If you are looking for a sense of adventure during your Andalucia holiday, heading to the aquarium at Roquetas de Mar is an excellent idea. Aquarium Costa de Almeria isn’t just a great place to enjoy the local sea life, it’s also somewhere you can partake in a truly memorable event with their shark cave diving experience. That’s right, you can get up close and personal with some of the sea’s most iconic inhabitants from inside the oceanarium which contains 700,000 litres of seawater. Better still, you don’t have to be a diving expert to enjoy, as the team at the aquarium explained to us:

“Being able to enter with sharks, with the security provided by a cage and a controlled environment, is a very special experience that can only be done in very few places in the world. The cage fulfils a double function, preventing visitors from bothering the animals by invading their space and ensuring that the visitor feels calm and safe.

“The cage is floating so that at any time the visitor can take their head out of the water. The visitor is always accompanied by a professional diving instructor who previously provides a short safety course. The activity is so safe that it can be done by children from eight years old. It is not necessary to know how to dive or swim.”

The team at the aquarium also revealed a little more about what visitors can expect at the attraction: “The Aquarium Costa de Almeria is an interactive and teaching experience, representing the water cycle. It is a unique journey beginning with the mountain rivers that give rise to the Amazon River that flows into tropical seas, these open to the Atlantic Ocean, closing in the Mediterranean, where the maximum evaporation causes the water to return to the atmosphere to restart the cycle.

“During this tour, ecosystems and diverse animals will be observed that are not only very well cared for, but many of them are rescued animals that could not live in freedom and we tell their story in the Aquarium for the awareness of visitors, especially children.”

Molly, from Piccavey, has visited aquarium herself and shared her experience with us: “The Aquarium at Roquetas is a great activity for families. Especially the area at the end of the visit where you can touch different fish like rays or starfish. Being able to interact with sea creatures makes a more memorable visit especially for younger children. It also provides a break from beach days if you are staying for a longer holiday. Also, it’s always good to understand more about the environment. Inside the Aquarium, you can see the fish and plants that live around the Costa de Almeria shoreline.”

Discover a medieval castle

Castillo de Santa Ana in Roquetas

Andalucia is a region full of history. No matter where you look, there is a fascinating relic from the past, telling the tale of Andalusian history. For those visiting Roquetas de Mar, part of this history is in easy reach by paying a visit to the town’s very own medieval castle. Known to the locals as Castillo de Santa Ana, the castle is just south of the marina and dates back to the 16th-century. It has been restored since an earthquake in the 18th-century and today houses an engaging art gallery with regularly changing exhibitions. As a result, it’s a perfect place to seek refuge from the Andalusian heat, enjoy a slice of culture, and get a taste of the area’s history all at once.

Make a splash at Mario Park

Mario Park


There’s plenty of fun for kids to have in Roquetas de Mar and they will certainly enjoy some quality time spent at the excellent Mario Park. This water park has a ton of great features and attractions to enjoy, including a wave pool, mystery cave, artificial beach, jacuzzi, and a plethora of fun slides and tubes to zip around. You can easily spend a morning or more at Mario Park enjoying some great memories splashing around in the water. With dedicated pools for smaller visitors, everyone can be guaranteed some fun in the sun. So, pack your swimwear, plenty of sun cream and add this Roquetas de Mar attraction to your to-do list.

Enjoy a local bite to eat

Seafood on plate

You won’t need to go hungry during your day in Roquetas de Mar as there are plenty of spots to grab a tasty bite to eat when in town. You could consider Restaurante Asador di Modena, located next to the beachfront promenade, where you can enjoy a plate of tasty Spanish cuisine from their wood-fired oven such as their beloved suckling pig, as well as classic favourites such as pizza and pasta. The restaurant shares:

“Since Asador Di Modena opened its doors in January 2010, we have cooked with a permanent obsession: customer satisfaction. The professionalism of our staff and the quality of our fresh ingredients have made Asador Di Módena a benchmark in Roquetas de Mar.”

Or how about strolling over to Chiringuito La Barraca, another beachfront location, where you can enjoy some beautiful fresh Mediterranean seafood? Food plays a big part in our memories of visiting a destination and we are sure Roquetas de Mar will be a fond one for you.

What to do in Roquetas de Mar?

  • Relax on an enormously long beach
  • Go shark cage diving at the aquarium
  • Discover a medieval castle
  • Make a splash at Mario Park
  • Enjoy a local bite to eat

As you can see, there is no shortage of fun things to see and do in the town of Roquetas de Mar. We hope you consider some of the above and make the trip to the area during a future visit to Andalucia.

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