How to book ticket to the gigantic Pulpi geode next to Almeria

Pulpi Geode

Have you ever seen a gigantic geode?

We give you the guidelines for how to book tickets to the Pulpi Geode, a crystal cave, next to Almeria.

Pulpi is a village with less than 10,000 inhabitants and is located 112 km north of Almeria in the direction of Murcia. There has always been mining in the area where iron, lead and silver have been dug.

This amazing cave was discovered in 1999, but it was not until August this year that it became possible for the public to visit it.

Click here to book your ticket on the official website to the crystal cave in Pulpi.

Geode in Pulpi
Photo: Ayuntamiento de Pulpi/Tecminsa  (Please note it´s not possible to sit next to the crystals as in this photo)

The geode is a hollow rock whose inside is covered with crystals, mostly made of gypsum. The Pulpi geode is 9 metres long and 2 metres high, and filled with beautiful, white crystals formed at least two million years ago. The cave is in the shape of a rugby ball and some of the crystals are over 2 metres high and completely transparent.

Pulpi mine

The visit also gives you an insight into what the mining has been like. You start the visit by walking down a 350 meter long mining tunnel before reaching the geode itself, the crystal cave. To protect the crystal cave, it has been shielded with glass as gypsum is a very fragile material.

Geode Pulpi

Every half hour groups of 12 people enters the cave. As there is a limited amount of tickets available we urge you to book your tickets well in advance. A guide will accompany the group and explain in Spanish interesting details about the mine and the geode.  You may ask to get an English speaking guide, but it can’t be guaranteed in advance that it will be possible. The cave visit lasts just over an hour.

You are provided with a safety helmet which is mandatory to wear during the visit, and in addition you must wear closed shoes, such as a good walking shoe.

Please note that children must be over 8 years of age to visit the cave. Passport or other documentation will be asked to see the child’s age.

Ticket prices are 22 euros for adults and 10 euros for children (8-16 years).

You will find the geode in Pulpi at the following address:
Poligono S-AG2A, 33, Calle Sierra de los Filabres, 04640 Pulpí, Almería. If you come from Malaga, you must first drive towards Almeria and then towards the village of Pilar de Jaravia. It is a drive of just over 3 hours from Malaga.

Here’s how to book a ticket

Currently (September 2019) the reservation page is only in Spanish, so we have made a brief guide on how to book a ticket.

Select the date and time in the calendar.
How to book ticket geode

You can buy tickets approx. 3 months in advance. The green color means that tickets are available. The yellow color that tickets are reserved (maybe for a group) and the red color that everything is sold out.

Select the date and time in the calendar with the green color.
How to book ticket geode Pulpi

You will see a number in the parentheses. This number indicates how many tickets are available at the chosen time. In the example below, there are 3 tickets available on that selected day.

How to book ticket geode Pulpi

Click on “adultos” – for an adult ticket and on “menores” – for a children’s ticket 8-16 years old.

Here is a translation of the following fields to be completed.

CIF / NIF:      Enter your passport number
Nombre:         Enter your name
Apellidos:       Enter your last name

The following sections are not compulsory

Dirección:     Address
Number:       House number
CP :                Postal code
Poblacion:    Town

How to book a ticket to geode Pulpi

The following fields must be completed:

Teléfono:         Telephone number
Email:              Email address
Sugerencias:   Suggestions for improvement – not mandatory to complete
Forma de pago: Payment method
Tarjeta de credit: Credit card

Click for credit card payment

“Acepto condiciones del tratamiento de los datos”: Personal data protection. This field must be checked.

Click on “Continuar y enviar”: (Proceed and forward) and in the next step fill in your credit card details to complete the reservation.

How to book ticket to Pulpi Geode

You must show your payment confirmation to enter the mine. The payment confirmation is your entrance ticket along with the email confirmation. You must arrive 30 minutes before the selected visit time.

Should it happen that the cave must close for unforeseen reasons, you will receive a voucher so you within a year can choose a new date to visit the cave.

It is not allowed to collect stones and crystals in or around the mine.

We wish you a pleasant trip to the gigantic geode!

You can read more about the geode at the official website by clicking here.

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