Why you should visit the Costa del Sol in the future

Nerja beach in Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol truly is the perfect holiday destination. If you are looking for a location to visit in 2021 – perhaps your first holiday since the pandemic hit – you could hardly find a better choice than this glorious stretch of coastal land in southern Spain. Not only is there plenty to see and do and variety for all types of holidays, but it’s also easy to explore, especially with a car hire from Malaga airport. To give you a little insight into why so many choose the Costa del Sol, we have highlighted some of its many winning attributes, hopefully convincing you to plan a future visit.

At the time of publishing this article, visiting the Costa del Sol might not be possible due to global circumstances but, in the future, visitors are guaranteed an unforgettable Spanish holiday.

Beautiful weather

Malaga City View

Let’s face it, we all get a bit bogged down by the dull English weather, especially during a year when we have been confined so much indoors like in 2020. Therefore, a holiday away to a sun-soaked location like the Costa del Sol is an incredibly attractive proposition. When visiting the area, you can look forward to a lovely Mediterranean climate, with sunshine 325 days a year and a gorgeous average maximum temperature of around 31°C. This is perfect sunbathing weather but not too hot to get out and about and enjoy the many marvels the Costa del Sol has to offer. If it’s fun in the sun you are looking for, this is the place.

Picture-perfect beaches

Malaga beach

The amazing weather of the Costa del Sol certainly benefits the many wonderful beaches available. Being positioned along the Spanish coast, there is a plethora of sandy stretches to enjoy. Whether you want to spend long hours laying on the beach, playing football in the soft sand, or going for a dip in the tranquil ocean, the Costa del Sol can provide.

If your holiday will be based in Malaga, you can go straight from the city centre to the beach in not much time at all with the Playa de la Misericordia being a lovely option for relaxing in the sand or enjoying a walk along the promenade

There are great beaches wherever you go, however, and Yvonne from Yvonne’s Travel Blog, is a big fan of the lovely spots in Nerja: “I can guarantee, you will love the beaches in Nerja, Spain. They invite visitors with the powdery sand, sparkling clear waters, picturesque coves, and dramatic waves crashing against the rocks.”

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Fascinating history and culture to discover

Alcazaba in Malaga

The Costa del Sol is steeped in history. This area of southern Spain has numerous remaining traces of its ancient past, including stunning attractions from the Roman Empire and the Moors. Everywhere you look there is something to discover, from Roman theatres and baths to Moorish strongholds and gothic Cathedrals, as well as vibrant cultural celebrations and fiestas.

The best way to experience the culture of the Costa del Sol is to get out there and explore as much as you can. This is the advice of Linda and David from the travel blog Retired and Travelling, who loved their time in the area. Speaking to us, Linda and David said: “The Costa Del Sol offers a lovely variety of towns along the coast and great beaches to enjoy. Local seafood and art provide a great break from the beaches.

“Find a great spot to use as a base to enjoy the local community but make sure to plan day trips to explore more of the towns along the Costa Del Sol. And plan trips to visit other interesting small towns in the area like Ronda.”

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The Costa del Sol has seen it all over the centuries and for those looking to do a little sight-seeing on their holiday, you will be pleased with what you find. A favourite location of many can be found in the city of Malaga, with the beautiful Moorish Alcazaba fortress sitting above the ancient Roman theatre below. Further still, there are the remains of a Phoenician castle on the mountain above.

There is history everywhere you look in the Costa del Sol and Cristina from My Little World of Travelling, a travel blogger from the Costa del Sol, recommends the extraordinarily beautiful castle Castillo de Colomares when speaking to us:

“I love visiting Benalmadena because you’ll find beautiful attractions and hidden gems like Castillo de Colomares. At the same time, if you stay in Benalmadena, you are at a great location to visit other nearby towns like Mijas Pueblo, a white town with breathtaking views of the coast.

“Costa del Sol is the perfect holiday as there’s something for everyone. Despite the misconception of only being a beach destination, there are many other activities and attractions that will surprise you – from hiking stunning mountains or kayaking to wine tasting and visiting well-known museums.”

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Amazing food

Tapas in Malaga

So many holidays are remembered because of the food experience. Luckily, the Costa del Sol has an amazing culinary scene, with rich variety and dynamic flavours to enjoy. It’s coastal location results in some truly fabulous fresh seafood being available, there are traditional dishes such as Gazpachuelo Malagueño, but for many, the tapas on offer will be the highlight. On your travels exploring the various towns and streets of the Costa del Sol, you will come across charming tapas bars serving up gorgeous bites to eat, giving you a chance to eat as the locals do.

Dannielle, from the travel blog While I’m Young, told us that the food is her favourite part of visiting the area: “The city of Málaga has invested in turning itself into an arts hub, so there are brilliant museums and art galleries. For me though, it’s all about the food! There’s a fabulous local market in the city where you can buy delicious local produce.”

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Perfect for lazy or active holidays

Skiing on Sierra Nevada

With the many beaches available, a lazy holiday in the sun is easily achievable but did you know that the Costa del Sol is also perfect for those seeking an active holiday? If you get a little crazy just lying in the sun all day, fear not as you can look forward to water sports, golf, hiking, and even skiing. That’s right, if you head to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains just 1.5 hours from Malaga, you could soon find yourself at the most southerly ski resort in Europe. With a great variety of ski runs and a long ski season, being able to combine a beach and skiing holiday in one trip is pretty remarkable.

We asked Danielle from While I’m Young why she thinks the Costa del Sol is so special and she highlighted its eclectic nature while suggesting a famous walking route: “I think people flock to Costa del Sol every year because the destination offers a mix of cultural city life, great beaches and wonderful nature. The local food is fantastic and there are loads of unique adventures to be had there – you’ve got the epic Caminito Del Rey, once known as one of the most dangerous walks in the world, within easy reach!”

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Reasons to visit the Costa del Sol in the future

  • Beautiful weather
  • Picture-perfect beaches
  • Fascinating history and culture to discover
  • Amazing food
  • Perfect for lazy or active holidays

As you can see, it’s an easy decision to visit the Costa del Sol. No matter what you are looking for on your next holiday, this area of southern Spain can meet your requirements. From great beaches and delicious food to skiing and historical treasures, it’s all here in the Costa del Sol. So, if you are looking ahead to when you can next travel again, come pay us a visit, you won’t be disappointed.

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