Secure car hire in Malaga during coronavirus (Covid-19). Helle Hollis uses ozone generator to disinfect the car!

Ozone generator

Car hire in Malaga during covid-19 can be done safely and secure as Helle Hollis uses ozone generator to disinfect the cars and take all necessary safety measures.

You are probably dreaming of coming to Malaga and having a wonderful holiday as soon as conditions allows us to travel again.
We understand that it can be difficult to plan ahead in the future. There are so many moments of uncertainty. When may I travel again? Will there be restrictions on entering Malaga? Can I go to the beach as I usually do? etc. etc.

However, there is one point in these coronavirus times that you shouldn´t worry about and that is your car rental. At Helle Hollis we have taken a lot of safety measures so you can safely hire your car.

One of the first safety points is the car cleaning.

We have a 3-step disinfection program so you can feel completely safe.

car desinfection
Step 1 – Disinfection of the hire car .  Photo cc:

  1. When the car returns from a rental, it is first thoroughly cleaned inside. All surfaces such as steering wheel, touch screen and gearshift are disinfected. The car is then washed outside, and tire pressure, oil and water levels are checked, and the car is refuelled.

Ozone generator
Step 2 – Disinfection with ozone generator   Photo cc :

2. When the car is ready for hire, it is sterilized with ozone. We are the first and currently the only car rental company in Malaga who have invested in ozone generators.

An ozone generator is put in the parked car and after approx. 5 minutes it is completely disinfected for bacteria, viruses and fungal spores. Ozone kills all viruses and bacteria and also has the advantage of entering all the cracks and corners of the car.

  1. As an extra service, we have purchased plastic protection kits, which are provided upon request. If you wish, you can put this protective kit yourself on the steering wheel, driver’s seat, handbrake and gearshift. 

In addition, our entire rental process is focused on keeping proper physical distance between staff and customers, and having the customer areas disinfected several times daily.

When you arrive at Malaga airport you will be picked up as usual in our courtesy bus. We have limited the number of customers in the bus, and increased the number of courtesy buses to minimize waiting time. The courtesy bus is also thoroughly disinfected several times a day.

At the main office in Malaga we have a large open garage, with spacious waiting areas for our customers. We have hand sanitizers available at strategic places in the waiting areas and have a limited number of customers in the reception at the same time.

Reception Helle Hollis
Helle Hollis reception with safety measures. Photo cc:

Helle Hollis staff always follow the recommendation of the health authorities with regard to personal protective equipment, and as extra security we have set up plexiglass shielding between the receptionist and the customer.

We also offer Fast Lane service which is free for Home Owners Club members. The contract will be prepared before arrival, so you only have to pick up the car key as well as show passports and driving licenses, in order to get off as quickly as possible.

Helle Hollis is constantly working to be the first one in the car hire business in Malaga to provide security for both customers and staff.  We look forward to seeing you soon again.


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