How to book a ticket for the “Caminito del Rey” – the royal walkway in El Chorro, Malaga

Bridge Caminito del Rey

This is how you book a ticket for the “Caminito del Rey” – try the exciting walk on the royal pathway, if you do not suffer from vertigo.  The Caminito del Rey was opened to the public on the 28th of March 2015.

Procedure to book your ticket for Caminito Del Rey – Malaga

You must book the ticket on the official website

 The entrance price is 10 euros per person.  If you wish to have included the bustransfer from El Chorro to Ardeles (the starting point) the Price is 11,55 euros.  A private company has taken over the administration of the “Caminito del Rey” and part of the entrance price goes for the maintance of the hike. 

Every half an hour a group of 50 persons will be sent off on the trail.

The ticket is personal and non-transferable.  Upon start and end of the hike you must present a passport or other identification along with the ticket.  The same also applies to children who also must show the name of the accompanying adult.  For safety reasons, children must be over 8 years of age to walk the hike.

You must arrive 30 minutes before the booked admission time in order to be organized into groups.

The hike “Caminito del Rey”
The hike is from point A to B as it is linear.  It is important that you have arranged beforehand with transportation to get you back to your starting point.  There are buses that runs from El Chorro and from Ardales (each starting/ending point) and costs 1,55 euros for a ticket. The first bus leaves at 9:00 h and the last one 20:00h. The buses runs each half an hour. Please check upon arrival for the exact timetable.  Here you can see the bus timetable in Spanish .

You begin the hike from Ardales (Guadalhorce water dam) and the walk will go downhill.

When you start at the Guadalhorce water dam (Ardales) from the restaurant Kiosko, then you should first go 2.7 km to the control centre which is next to the hydroelectric power plant.  This will take approximately 50 minutes.

Tunnel Caminito del Rey
Photo of smaller tunnel : CC: and hiking time

If you go through a smaller tunnel that starts approx. 200 meters away from restaurant El Kiosko, you will only have to walk aprox. 20-25 minutes to reach the starting point.  From there the official Caminito del Rey starts and it will take approximately 2.30 hours to reach El Chorro train station.  When you finish the walk and pass the exit control point there is approx. 15 minutes walk to El Chorro train station.

The entire route is 7.7 km of which 4.8 km is on pathways carved into the mountainside.

Caminito Del Rey

Rules to be observed during the Caminito del Rey hike
Due to the severity, the heights on the route and the narrow path, there are many rules to be respected to make it a safe hike for all visitors.

It is compulsory to wear a safety helmet which will be distributed at the entrance to the pathway, as there may be risk of small stones falling from the mountain.

When you walk on the path, always keep to the right.

If you cross with another visitor you must show consideration so the one walking next to the abyss is not getting into danger.

You are not allowed to make stops along the route to avoid the formation of queues.

You are not allowed to take photos with a tripod or other equipment that may be an obstacle on the path.

Children must be over 8 years and may not be carried by an adult.

You are not allowed to carry a big hiking backpack during the hike.

There is no possibility to buy food along the path and as the hike requires some physical effort, it is recommended to bring water, muesli bar, chocolate, and fruit in a small backpack.

You are not allowed to take a picnic break along the path as there is no dedicated area for this. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a sandwich to eat before or after the hike is completed.

Prepare your hike in advance with a cap, sunscreen and footwear suitable for this walk.

You must use a rain cover if it should start to rain.  It is forbidden to use an umbrella.

If there are strong winds the path will be closed.

There are no toilet facilities on the path.

Smoking is not allowed.

Pets are not allowed.

You are not allowed to shout or listen to loud music on the hike.

If you suffer from vertigo, have a heart disease or other illness that may be an obstacles to complete the trip, you should of course not walk the path.

If you are into mountain climbing, and want to climb under the Caminito del Rey, then it is possible to do so.  You will have to register with the control centre and present a civil liability insurance that covers mountain climbing.  Furthermore, you are not allowed to use the iron structure from the Caminito del Rey for the climbing.

Valle del Hoyo Caminito del Rey

Practical information:
Opening hours
Winter period (01/11 -31/03) from 09:30-15 pm.
Summer Period (01/04-31/10) from 09:30-17 pm.

It is closed on Mondays.
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Photos: Diputación de Málaga

Image of the shuttle bus rute from North (Ardales) to South (Álora).

Shuttle bus caminito del rey

Click here to see the time table for the shuttle bus (only in Spanish)


Last News!

Today 18th of December: You can now book tickets for Caminto del Rey for January and February 2016, but only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Hurry up, before the tickets are sold out.


UPDATE 05.08.2016
From Monday the 8th of August, the ticket sale will be open again for the period October, November, December and January.

UPDATE 02.12.2016
From today, the ticket sale is open for the period February, March, April and May 2017.

UPDATE 28.03.2017
From today, the ticket sale for summer 2017 is open. You can buy tickets until the 30/09/2017.

UPDATE 12.07.2017
From today, the ticket sale for autumn and winter 2017 is open. You can buy tickets until the 31/01/2018!

UPDATE 28.11.2017
From today, the ticket sale for spring 2018 is open. You can buy tickets until the May 2018

UPDATE 18.04.2018
From yesterday, the ticket sale for summer 2018  is open. You can buy tickets until 27.10.2018.

UPDATE 21.08.18
The ticket sale for winter 2018 and spring 2019 is open.  You can buy tickets until 30.03.2019.

UPDATE 13.02.2019
The Caminito del Rey ticket sale for Spring 2019 is open. You can book tickets until the 30.06.2019.

UPDATE 09.04,19
From tomorrow, the 10th of April 2019, the ticket sale for Caminito del Rey will be open for tickets for the period July till October 2019. Over 100.000 tickets will be put on sale around noon.

UPDATE 27.08.2019
The ticket sale for November 2019 till 31.01.2020 is open. 75.000 tickets have been put on sale.

UPDATE 19.12.2019
The ticket sale from 01.02.2020 till 28.03.2020 is now open.

UPDATE 05.03.2020
The ticket sale is now open for up to the 12th of April 2020.

UPDATE 22.05.2020
Malaga is going one more step towards “new normality”. Today the ticket sale is open again. Tickets from the 12th of June until the end of July 2020 are now on sale.  Due to the current restrictions only 550 tickets will be sold per day. The Caminito del Rey will be open from Friday to Sunday and all safety measures will be in place such as hand sanitizers at strategic spots and disinfection of hand rails.

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