48 hours in Seville

Plaza Espana Seville

Seville is a wonderful city to visit and considering it is located just two and a half hours away from Malaga, and an easy drive via a Malaga airport car rental, it makes for a perfect mini getaway during your Spanish holiday. Driving down and spending a couple of days in the capital of Andalusia is highly recommended – there’s so much to see and do, no matter your interests and tastes. From historical sites to fascinating museums, from fun attractions to river tours and top-notch restaurants, Seville is a true delight of southern Spain. So, to help you plan your trip, we’ve put together the following guide to 48hrs in Seville – letting you know which attractions and activities to enjoy in the morning, afternoon, and evening to facilitate a wonderful holiday adventure.

Day 1


Real Alcázar

Upon arriving in Seville, a great start to the first morning of your visit would be a trip to Real Alcázar, a stunning, UNESCO-listed palace that is still in use today by the Spanish royal family. The complex was developed in the 14th-century and is nearly entirely constructed in the Mudéjar style. The royal family’s chambers, staterooms, and halls are all located on the upper level and are even available for viewing. Visitors can enjoy walking the beautiful courtyards and gardens that are replete with lush greenery, and admire the incredible architecture that exists all around.

Metropol Parasol

One of the newest major attractions in Seville, but one that must be visited during your trip, is the Metropol Parasol. This towering construction is the largest wooden structure in the world and is an ideal spot to spend some time at on any Seville morning. Home to a farmers’ market, restaurant, rooftop walkways, and even an archaeological museum, there is plenty to see and do there. After enjoying a drink at the top and discovering the Roman architecture on display, make sure to grab a souvenir to remember your time in Seville at Metropol Parasol’s official shop.


Cathedral & Giralda Tower Tour

Seville Cathedral

Two must-see historical sites in Seville are the city’s cathedral and its bell tower, known as Giralda. The cathedral, the largest in the world by volume, is truly awe-inspiring with its stunning craftsmanship and relics. The Moorish Giralda Tower, 342ft tall, boasts a Renaissance-style top and, like the cathedral, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To skip the lines and really appreciate the history on display, booking a spot on a tour of the cathedral and Giralda tower with Sevilla Official Tours is a fantastic idea. The tour lasts for one hour, making for a perfect afternoon excursion.

Archaeological Museum of Seville

A highlight of visiting any city for the first time is exploring the various museums available. Luckily, Seville has a number of truly excellent such locations, including the fascinating Archaeological Museum of Seville. Housed in architecturally beautiful pavilions by Anibal Gonzalez, the museum collects the most important artefacts from archaeological sites across Seville. Perhaps most fascinatingly of all, visitors can see what is known as the El Carambolo treasure – 2,950 grams of 24-karat gold jewellery. And for those interested in Roman history, there a number of wonderful mosaics, statues, and busts of the ancient emperors on display.


Flamenco show

Flamenco in Seville

Image credit: La Casa del Flamenco

Andalucía, and Seville, in particular, are known for their incredible flamenco shows, which are absolutely essential when spending time in the area. These shows are wonderful fun, with the musical southern Spanish tradition of flamenco comprising dramatic song, dance and instrumental guitar music. There are a number of fabulous spots to choose from, with one of the very best being La Casa del Flamenco, which hosts daily flamenco shows at 19.00 during the autumn/winter and at 20.30 during the spring/summer.

The team at La Casa del Flamenco spoke to us about what people can expect from their shows: “La Casa del Flamenco is one of the best places in Sevilla (if not the best) to enjoy an authentic traditional flamenco show. Our professional artists, which we change every day, perform without a previous rehearsal, in different styles of traditional flamenco, within a one hour show. The acoustics of the Sevillian Palace’s magnificent main patio (where the stage is) make microphones and speakers redundant. We set only two lines of chairs around the stage, so everybody has a good view of the show.”

Day 2


River cruise

Sevilla in Andalucía,

Image credit: Turismo de Sevilla

To begin day two of your time in Seville, embarking upon a Guadalquivir river cruise would be a wonderful choice. There is so much history to discover in Seville and much of this can be explored via the vast river that runs through the city. If you really want to get a feel of the city and admire its beauty, booking a ticket with Cruceros Torre del Oro will be just what you’re looking for. With departures every 30 minutes, those on board can see the bullring, the towers of Plaza de España, the Monastery of Santa Maria de las Cuevas, and much more from the tranquil Guadalquivir River.

Isla Mágica

For those visiting with children, Isla Mágica is an amusement park that will make for another excellent morning activity in Seville. Isla Mágica is a theme park suitable for all ages and is quite unique when it comes to such attractions. Split into eight 16th century Spanish colonial-themed areas, and packed with rollercoasters, log flumes, and other fun rides, Isla Mágica is an ideal way to get the kids to expend some energy before going on to explore the wider world of Seville. With shops, restaurants and shows also available, a delightful time can be enjoyed by all here.


Rooftop tour

Seville rooftop tour

You can explore Seville for days and still find more treasures to uncover, so why not complete your time in the city with a picturesque rooftop tour from Not Just a Tourist? Their tours allow visitors to get a truly unique perspective of Seville, giving you the opportunity to see spectacular views of the old city wall, Seville’s myriad churches, and other notable landmarks from high above the city floor. Their two-hour tours really are a delight, an experience you won’t forget, and provide the perfect last daytime look at this magnificent city.

Explaining further why their rooftop tours are such an appealing prospect, Not Just a Tourist told us: “Seville is a very special city with a charming old town and spectacular light at sunset. This tour takes the visitors from the picturesque alleys of the Jewish quarter and romantic little-hidden squares to the rooftops, where they can marvel at the towers of many churches from different angles. The tour also passes by 2,000 years of history as they walk by Roman ruins all the way to the most modern building, the Metropol Parasol, to conclude the day with a relaxing drink at sunset. It’s only two hours and it shows Seville’s charming old town from an amazing perspective.”

Parque de María Luisa

If you are in search of one last thing to enjoy, Seville is full of relaxing locations and one of the very best of the city’s parks in which to do so is Parque de María Luisa. Situated next to the stunning Plaza de España, the park was built for the 1929 World’s Fair and is today one of the city’s most beloved locations. Visitors can take a stroll through the grounds, ride a bike, or relax in a horse-drawn carriage while gazing at the magnificently landscaped gardens. The park is also home to 19th-century royal structures, a museum of arts, and even some lovely orange trees to shade yourself from the Spanish sun.



Becerrita Seville

Another wonderful aspect of visiting Seville is the many delightful restaurants that populate it. One such establishment is a lovely spot known as Bercerrita, a restaurant that would make for a wonderful last meal in the city. The team at Becerrita spoke to us about what diners can look forward to:

“Becerrita is a traditional restaurant, located in the historical centre of the city where we have been serving gastronomies for six generations. Utilising the best raw materials along with a professional team helps us to make truly unique experiences. Our elegant decor with traditional elements invites you to enjoy our collection of paintings by Sevillian artists of the last century and modern day. Our menu is composed of fish, other seafood and meats brought daily from their place of origin. The food is always the star. The vegetables also occupy an important role in our menu, as does the wine list, which includes some 300 examples from nearly all of Spain’s D.O. regions.”

48 hrs spent wisely in Seville

Well, we hope you agree that the above itinerary will make for quite the two days in Seville. There is much to see and do that you could easily spend double the time exploring what’s on offer. But for those that are just looking to see a little more of Spain during their visit, driving over to this magnificent city for a 48hr stay is highly recommended.

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