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Frequently Asked Questions


What is included in the rental price?

What is not included in the rental price?

Where are your branches located?

How do I keep informed about the latest news and offers from Helle Hollis?

How can I unsubscribe from the Helle Hollis newsletter?

Can I obtain discounts for renting frequently with Helle Hollis?

What is your privacy policy?

Do you have somewhere I can share my experience of renting through Helle Hollis with others?

If I have a complaint who should I contact?


How do I make a booking with Helle Hollis?

How do I make an online booking?

Can I book any extras?

Do I have to pay for my booking in advance?

How do you register online to make bookings with Helle Hollis?

I have forgotten my password, how can I log on to my online account?

What happens to my personal details when I book online?

What happens to my credit card information when I pay online?

What’s the Free Upgrade Offer and how do I book it?

What’s the Early Bird Discount?

How do I cancel a booking?

How am I refunded if I cancel my booking?

Can I receive the booking confirmation by sms?

How do I use my Friends and Family number?


How do I collect the courtesy bus from the aiport?

Can I be sure that the courtesy bus will be there when I arrive?

How long should I have to wait if the courtesy bus isn’t there?

If the courtesy bus isn’t there who should I contact?

Am I sure to get a car when I arrive?

Which documents do I need to produce when I collect my hire car?

How can I pay for my rental?

Which credit cards do you accept?

If I pay for my booking online will I have to show the same credit card when I collect the car?

What will I have to pay for when I collect my hire car?

What are the insurance options?

What is your fuel policy?

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Are there any out of hours collection or return charges?

What happens if the car breaks down?

What should I do if I want to extend the rental?

Can I return the car to your other office, if so is there an extra charge?

If I have to bring the car back before the end of the rental will you refund me for any unused days?

When I return the car, how long should I allow for getting to the airport?


What is the Home Owners’ Club and how do I join?

What are the benefits of joining the Home Owners’ Club?

What is the Free Fast Lane Service?


Where can I see a copy of your rental conditions?

What is the minimum age for renting with Helle Hollis?

I do not meet the minimum age requirements, can I hire a car?

How long must I have held my driving licence before I can rent a car with Helle Hollis?

What is the maximum age for renting with Helle Hollis?

What are your passport requirements?

Can I take the hire car out of Spain?

Can someone else drive the car during my rental?

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