Guide to Palma de Mallorca

Are you looking for a guide to Palma de Mallorca? Check this!

400,000 people live in Palma de Mallorca which is about half of the island’s inhabitants. This means that that the locals predominate the tourists and manage to keep it Spanish and traditional.

Dating back to 120BC it was founded by the Romans and called Palmeria. It was subsequently developed by the Moors and Jaume I of Aragon who captured it from them in 1229.

With so much history there is lots to do and see in Palma De Mallorca, and better if you do by car and with a trusted car hire company.

Probably the best base for independent travellers, you do not need to pre book via a tour operator as there are many hostales and hotels where you can make a direct online reservation.

Mallorca is a fascinating place with many attractions; but the ten things you “must see” include the 14th century La Seu Gothic Cathedral which is the cultural highlight of the island and overlooks the harbour; the Palau de Almudaina which is the official Majorcan residence of the Spanish Royal Family; Museum of Majorca; St Francis Church with its 17th century Baroque fa├žade and Gothic cloister; St Eulalia Gothic.

Church which dates back to the 13th century; Can Marques medieval townhouse ; Bellver Castle; Sa Llotja 15th century Gothic old commercial exchange; the Museu Diocesa in the Episcopal Palace and the Banys Arabs which are 10th century baths and one of the few reminders of Moorish rule.

Or you can just explore the island terrain with its beaches in the south east, hills in the west or bays in the north. Contact us if you have more questions about how to get access to the entire Island of Mallorca.