Getting to Marbella

Getting to and from Marbella is simple. You can fly into either Malaga or Gibraltar and either hire a car, catch a bus or get a taxi into Marbella Town.


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The closest and easiest Airport to fly into is Malaga Airport which is about a 40 minute drive from Marbella and has an enormous amount of flights and airlines who arrive here every day throughout the year.

Malaga Airport also offers a better selection of transfer options to Marbella than Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Airport is not a lot further away from Marbella than Malaga but is doesn’t have as many flights each day and you have to pass through the border between Gibraltar and Spain.

The best way to Drive to Marbella from Malaga Airport or Gibraltar Airport is via the AP-7  toll road which offers fairly traffic free driving and is a quick, direct road.

.If you do use the bus service to get to and from Marbella remember that the main Airport Bus ends its journey at the principle Marbella Bus Terminal which is outside the center of the town and to get anywhere else you need to catch another bus or get a taxi.

Please note that there is not a train service in Marbella at the present time.