News! – Helle Hollis launches “HOLLISTRANS”

Helle Hollis

Helle Hollis has just partnered with the courier company ANDATRANS, to offer you a unique opportunity for huge savings on your car hire while you discover the beautiful Andalusia and make new friends and acquaintances.

The new product is launched today the 1st of April, and is called “HOLLISTRANS“. Helle Hollis have long considered how we could offer a product to customers who have space to spare in the car, and thereby utilizing the excess space.

The solution has become the new “HOLLISTRANS” product which caters to singles and couples who want to bring out packages on the way to their holiday destination, and thereby obtain a free or nearly free car rental.

When you pick up your car at Helle Hollis you must indicate how many seats to be taken out of the car and where you intend to go. This extra space is being exploited by the courier company, which Helle Hollis has a contract with.

Helle Hollis ensure that the car is ready and loaded with packages to be delivered on the route to your holiday destination. You get the opportunity to get out to every corner of Andalusia, and at the same time to greet the friendly Andalusian people when you deliver packages.


In return, there will for each package be settled a fixed amount which is deducted from the rental. E.g. it may end up that the rental become free and at the same time giving you a new travel experience to lesser known areas of Andalusia.

The project is running so far as a trail during April month. We want to see how much demand there is before we make the product permanent. Therefore, it is only possible to be part of this exciting new project, if you sign up today the 1st of April to Helle Hollis.  Send an email to

Be environmentally conscious, discover Andalusia, get new Andalusian friends and obtain the rental for free! Test “HOLLISTRANS” now in April month.

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