Blue parking zone in Fuengirola and Malaga

Blue parking zone

If, when parking your car, you see blue painted lines, you are in a blue parking “pay” zone.  It can be a bit tricky to find out how the blue parking zone works in Spain.

First of all find the nearest parking machine and enter the licence plate number, pay for your planned parking period, and place the ticket inside the car´s front window. You can always see the number plate number on the Helle Hollis key ring.

What do I do if you exceed the paid parking time?
In Fuengirola you have 72 hours to cancel your fine by paying 3.80 euros and enter the bar code on the fine in the same parking machine that you paid the parking ticket in.

What do I do if I forgot to put the receipt in the front window of the car?
You can cancel this fine within 72 hours if you pay 6.55 euros in the parking machine and enter the bar code on the fine ticket.

Each city on the Coast has its own rules and procedures for parking fines.  For example in Marbella you have only 24 hours to cancel the fine if you wish to avoid the parking fine to be sent to your home country.

In Malaga, however, you have 10 days to cancel the fine, but it requires that you have not exceeded the parking time by more than 1 hour.

Here, you must withdraw a cancellation receipt in the parking machine and with this receipt, the parking fine and proof of payment, put them in a blue envelope (which is given with the fine) in the mailbox next to the parking machine.

Avoid all this hassle and remember to pay for parking when you leave the car in a blue parking zone.

Have a safe journey!

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