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Rent a new HYBRID vehicle at Helle Hollis for your Malaga holidays!


Hybrid Toyota

Helle Hollis goes even greener!  We were the first car rental company in Costa del Sol with non-smoking cars in our fleet, and now we leap one step further and introduce hybrid vehicles to the fleet!

From 15 March 2016 we will be introducing both the Toyota Yaris and Toyota Auris Hybrid model to the fleet.  Both models are 5-door version with automatic transmission.

Perhaps you have considered buying a hybrid vehicle, but are not entirely convinced that this is the model for you or how economical it really is to drive?
Now is your chance to rent a hybrid vehicle during your holidays, and to get to know all its great qualities.

Toyota Auris Hybrid
Getting to know the Toyota hybrid vehicles
A Toyota hybrid vehicle combines a gasoline engine with an electric motor.  The vehicle has automatic drive, and it automatically switches between gasoline or electric motor, or a combination of both.  Should you drive in the city or short distances under 50 km / h, then the engine goes to electric drive and when you drive on a motorway, and then the engine changes over to gasoline drive – you don’t have to do anything!

The Toyota hybrid vehicle automatically recharges whilst driving.  This means that you should be worry free and don’t need to look for a place to recharge as the battery has a long reach and never runs out.  You simply have to make sure that there is always petrol in the tank as with any regular car.  The hybrid car can be refuelled with gasoline at any regular petrol station.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid
Is it difficult to drive a hybrid vehicle?
No, it is really easy.  You just press the “start button” – select “D” for drive and you are ready for off.  Switching between gasoline and electric drive is done automatically and you can enjoy a relaxing and noiseless driving experience.   We wonder how many of you will be pressing the start button several times … as the car is completely silent when it starts!

Another benefit besides to the environment is that you obviously enjoy the economical driving aspect.  The Toyota Yaris Hybrid model on a combined fuel consumption uses up to 85.6 mpg and the larger Auris model up to 80.7 mpg.  In addition, the models are environmentally friendly with CO2 emissions from 75 g / km.

Try the ”hybrid experience” during your next holidays – discover how easy, economical and environmentally friendly the cars of the future are to drive!

Christmas spirit in Málaga


Christmas Malaga 2015

You will throughout December find a buzz of Christmas spirit in all Spanish cities. In Málaga city, you can see the beautiful Christmas decorations, and on the harbour, Muelle Uno, you will find “Santa´s Helper factory” with free activities for children between 17-20hours every day. At Muelle Uno there are also theatre performances and concerts most days of the week, and on the 16th of December from 11-16 hours you will have a special Christmas market with hand crafted items. Fuengirola Christmas Fuengirola town is also beautifully decorated for Christmas and here you will find a special Christmas “cakes” route with Spanish sweets. This event takes place from the 15th of December until the 6th of January. For only 2 euros you will get a typical Spanish Christmas sweet or “Churros” with hot chocolate, coffee or tea. Some cafes also offer Christmas sweets without gluten and without sugar. You will find at map at the tourist office with the participating cafes. Marbella Christmas In Marbella you can visit Santa’s house in the old town next to the church square. There will be activities for children, and you can follow a route to see different Christmas nativity scenes. And in Nerja you can visit the Christmas market from the 5th of December until the 27th at the Plaza Cavana. The market consists of stalls with many varied crafts from local artists. There is plenty to see and do during December in Málaga, so do not wait any longer, but book your car now for your Christmas and New Year’s visit!

How to book your Alhambra tickets



The Alhambra in Granada is only an hour and half´s drive from Málaga airport, and is easy to reach in your Helle Hollis hire car. Alhambra was built by the Moors in the 1300th century, and is one of Spain’s biggest tourist attractions. The entrance tickets are often sold out and we have had several customers who have asked how to buy tickets for the Alhambra.

There are a limited number of tickets available daily, so that’s why you have to book your ticket in advance.

There are three ways to order your tickets:

  • Purchase of tickets in La Servicaixa cash machine when you are in Spain
  • In the official shop for Alhambra in Granada. You will find the shop at the address: Calle Reyes Catolicos nº 40 in Granada.
  • You can call and order by phone (from abroad) + 34 958 926 031
  • Order tickets online through

We recommend that you order through Ticketmaster which is the official online sales outlet for tickets to the Alhambra, and they have their website in English.

Before you book your Alhambra ticket, please be aware, that there are different types of tickets.

You can buy a “general day ticket” which is divided into two sessions. You can choose to have a morning session from 8.30 – 14:00hours or an afternoon session from 14:00-18:00hours (Until 20:00hours – during the summer season).

There is also the possibility to visit the Alhambra at night with the purchase of the “Night ticket“. The entrance time is from 20:00- 21.30hours (Until 23:30hours during the summer season).

Finally, you can also buy a ticket to see only the beautiful gardens, but this ticket does not give you access to the Nasrid Palace.

We highly recommend the purchase of a general day ticket, and you choose whether you want to visit in the morning or in the afternoon. The ticket will also show the time of access to the Nasrid Palace.

Nasrid Palace

Nasrid Palace

Image: CF

The other parts of the Alhambra such as the Generalife gardens and the Alcazaba you can visit throughout the time session of your ticket.

Children under 12 are free but one must have booked a ticket for them anyway.

Order your tickets for Alhambra through is the easiest way.
Click here to go to the official sales site for tickets to the Alhambra.

Follow these steps for the purchase of your Alhambra ticket.

Select “Alhambra General” ticket

Alhamrbra ticketmaster


Choose a date

Alhambra ticketmaster

Choose the hour you want your entrance to Alhambra to. You can choose between the morning or afternoon session.

Alhambra ticketmaster


Select the time you will see Nasrid Palace

Alhambra ticketmaster


Choose number of tickets for children, adults over 65 years, etc.

Alhambra ticketmaster


Fill out the contact details and make payment.

Alhambra ticketmaster
You can pay with Mastercard or Visacard.

You will then receive a confirmation email with a reference number.
When you come to Spain you must pick up your tickets at one of the ServiCaixa machines (La Caixa bank). To do this, insert the same credit card you paid the tickets with and press “Collect entrance tickets”. You will see an overview of the tickets you have ordered, select these, and your tickets will be printed.

You can also pick up your tickets at the Alhambra where ServiCaixa has several vending machines. Please take into account that there might be a queue to get the tickets printed.

With your Alhambra tickets in hand, you are now ready to begin the exciting visit. You should calculate about 3 hours for the visit.

Enjoy your trip to the Alhambra!

The Stupa of Benalmádena

10/11/2015 | 1 comment

Enlightenment Stupa of Benalmadena

Did you know that Europe’s largest stupa is located in Benalmádena?

You might have wondered what is the large white geometric shaped building with gold dome which can be seen from Fuengirola beach when looking up towards the Benalmádena hillside?

At the entrance of Benalmádena village you will find Europe’s largest Buddhist stupa (temple). Normally a stupa is a sealed structure, but this one you can enter. The stupa is 33 meters high and almost 26 meters wide. The stupa is beautifully situated with views over Fuengirola bay and is worth visiting as an observation point of the Coast.

The stupa was inaugurated in 2003 and has been decorated by Nepalese artists showing the life of the Buddha Sakyamuni. In the basement of the stupa, there are changing exhibitions.

It is free to visit the stupa and only the exhibition in the basement costs 2 euros.

According to Buddhist tradition it is said that one’s wishes are fulfilled if one walks around the stupa in a clock wise direction.         Worth a try, isn´t it?

The Stupa Benalmadena

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Saturday:                    10:00h to 14:00h & 15:30h to 19:00h

Sunday:                                        10:00h to 14:30h & 15:30h to 19:00h.

Monday:                                       closed

Every Tuesday and Friday there are guided mediation at 18:30h, which is free, even though a donation is welcome.

Next to the stupa you will find the Butterfly museum also called “Mariposario” which you can combine your visit with.

How to get there:
From Málaga airport you take the motorway A-7 towards Fuengirola. Take the exit at 217km for Benalmádena Pueblo/ Mijas and head towards Benalmádena village. At the first roundabout before the village you will see the stupa. There are plenty of free parking spaces in the area.

Click here to read more about the stupa.

Halloween in Málaga


Halloween malaga

Wondering where to celebrate Halloween in Malaga?

On the Costa del Sol you have plenty of choices to have a scary night out with your friends and family on Saturday the 31st of October.

Halloween is celebrated in even the smallest villages on the Coast. So get your costume ready and have a great night out disguised as monster, zombie or any other creepy character.

Here you have some ideas for your Halloween night in Málaga:

Malaga city

Halloween Muelle Uno
Image: Muelle Uno

On Muelle Uno (the port) the “Pechá Zombies Party” takes place from 18:00-20:00h. The event is for all age groups with games, music and a disguise contest.

Then continue to the pedestrian street Calle Larios and get the Halloween spirit walking along other zombies or monsters.                Most bars and restaurants are having Halloween parties where you also can join in.

Botanical Garden La Concepción

Botanical Garden La Concepcion Halloween
Image: Botanical Garden Halloween Event

How about a horrific Halloween tour of the Botanical Garden La Concepción? There are 4 tours which you have to sign up for in advance. Please call the Botanical Garden at tel. + 34 951 92 61 80.

The first two tours are starting at respectively 20:00h and 20:30h. and are for families with kids and the last two tours are for adults only starting at 21:00h and 21:30h. Each tour last 1.30hour.

Rates for children:          15 euros
Rates for adults:              18 euros
Family pack for 2 adults and 2 children: 40 euros.
Click here for more information.

Benalmádena/Arroyo de la Miel

Halloween La Mansion
CC: Townhall Arroyo de la Miel

Celebrate Halloween in the Tivoli, Arroyo de la miel . Free entrance to the Tivoli if you come dressed up on the 31st of October. Open from 12:00h-19:00h

At the Plaza de la Mezquita in Arroyo de la Miel, the Mansion of horror, is open from 20:00-01:30h. for everyone who dares to enter the horror house. Entrance 1,50 euros.


Halloween Torremolinos
CC: Townhall Torremolinos

Visit the Plaza de la Nogalera where the terrifying túnel of horror is open from 20:00-00:00h. Recommended for children from 8 years and above.

Or if you are on holidays with small children, then visit the Plaza de la Nogalerea in the morning from 11:00h.  and participate in the Halloween activities.


Maroween 2015
cc: Townhall Nerja – Maro

Next to Nerja, the little town Maro is celebrating the “Maroween” event on the 31st of October. This is a mixture of Spanish and English culture where roasted chestnuts and sweet potatoes are celebrated along with witches and monsters for the Halloween.

Try the special tapa route and the passage of horrors –starting from 13h. and lasts till 2 a.m. in the morning.

Enjoy your Halloween night in Málaga !

Visit Bolonia in Cádiz – one of the best beaches in Spain

28/09/2015 | 3 comments

Bolonia Beach Cadiz

How about a trip to the Cádiz region to visit the Bolonia beach and the interesting archaeological site of Baelo Claudia?

The Cádiz region is well-known for its white sandy beaches, many of them in unspoilt natural surroundings.  The coastal region can be very windy and there are often big waves on the sea, making it a surfers’ paradise.

The Bolonia beach is located about 23 km from Tarifa. You must take the road N-340 from Tarifa and turn off at “Playa Bolonia” (Road CA-8202). Then follow a little winding road for about 5 km, which will get you to the village of Bolonia and the beach.
There are parking next to the beach and for 1 euro you will get one day full parking.  The village has some small traditional fish restaurants, where we recommend you to try the red tuna fish of Almadraba.

The white sandy beach stretches for almost 4 km and in the western part there is a big migrating dune to climb. There is generally low tide at the beach, so it is also good for families with children, when the weather is not too windy.  As the Bolonia beach is almost a virgin beach, then do not expect to find facilities such as showers, toilets and sunbeds.

Click here to watch the you tube video with this scenic beach.

Just outside the village you will find the ancient Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia.

Baelo Claudia Bolonia
(Photo: C.F.)

Baelo Claudia was a successful Roman town where the primary business came from fishing and salting of fish. You can visit an interesting museum showing the Roman city’s development and it also describes the archaeological remains of the town.  You can then walk among the ruins and imagine the Romans’ way of life with view over the beach and the sea.

Bolonia Beach Baelo Claudia
(Photo: C.F.)

There are free entrance for EU citizens and also free parking next to the museum.
The museum is open from Tuesday – Sunday with the opening hours 9-17:30h.  It is closed on Mondays.

Click her for further information about Baelo Claudia.

How to get there: From Málaga Airport head towards Algeciras / Cádiz (AP-7). There is a toll road almost to Sotogrande which we recommend you to take. In Algeciras, head towards Tarifa and then head for Bolonia. It takes about 2 hours to get there in your Helle Hollis car.

We wish you a good trip!

“Conquer” The Iberian Peninsula’s two highest peaks on the same day without stress – Pico de Veleta (3,394 m) and Mulhacen (3,482 m)

14/09/2015 | 3 comments

Mulhacen - pico de veleta

A hike description from Pico de Veleta to Mulhacen.

It sounds ambitious for “normal” people, and is not described in very many places on the internet, but it is actually possible to hike the Iberian Peninsula’s two highest peaks on the same day – without stress – and without getting too much sweat on your forehead.

Map Pico de Veleta  Mulhacen
It requires a little preparation. Here is the story of how I and Martin managed it in a long week-end from Friday 28 to Sunday, August 30. It was a prerequisite for the realization of the trip that our wives were prepared to drive the car the 102 km. from our starting point in the Sierra Nevada to our ending point in Capileira in order to pick us up.

We booked two double rooms on at Hotel El Guerra, Ctra. Sierra Nevada km. 21,3, 18160 Sierra Nevada – arrival after work Friday, August 28th. € 45 per. double room incl. Breakfast.

We booked two seats in the Junta de Andalucia organized bus to the highest ski resort in the Sierra Nevada. Telephone 671564407 – ask for Inma (Centro de Interpretacion the Altas Cumbres). The bus departs at 08:00 from Albergue Universitario, Carretera de Sierra Nevada Km 36, 18142 Sierra Nevada, Granada. It is about 10 km. from the hotel. Tickets to be paid for in Albergues reception no later than 07:45 the same day. We tried to buy the tickets the night before, but it was not possible. Inma had left fo rthe day!

We booked two seats in the Junta de Andalucia organized bus from the stop at Mirador de Trevelez to the village of Capileira in Alpujaras. Reservation ask for Conchi, (Centro de Interpretacion the Altas Cumbres) telephone 95 876 ​​3090. The bus departs from the Mirador de Trevelez at 16:15 and again 18:45. Tickets to be paid for on the bus.

We booked two double rooms on at Hotel El Cascapenas de Alpujara, Carril 5, 18413 Capilleira. € 50 per. room incl. breakfast.

Last but not least we booked our Helle Hollis rental car.

On our way

The hotel in the Sierra Nevada was a really nice and positive surprise. We would originally have had another hotel which we know very well, but it was fully booked that day. El Guerra is beautifully situated overlooking the village of Guejar Sierra and the artificial lake Pantana de Canales. If you have more time on your hand, I highly recommend staying a few more nights. The hotel’s rooms, all with balcon are completely renovated. Dinner on the terrace was absolutely lovely, without being a culinary experience. The Ukrainian waiter was incredibly attentive and welcoming. Ingelise and Emma praised the breakfast for its really good coffee, bacon and eggs and yoghurt etc. All included in the room rate. Martin and I did not get to have any breakfast at the hotel. We had to be on the mountain at 7:45 to pay for the tickets tickets for the bus, and breakfast at the hotel only started at 07:30. In return we got a cup of coffee in Albergues bar. They open early and you can get both toast, ham, coffee and juice.
Albergue Universitario Sierra Nevada
After having our coffee, we were ready to let the bus take us the approximately 7 km. up the mountain. The bus stopped exactly 3.5 km. from the Iberian peninsula’s second highest peak – Pico de Veleta

Bus Pico de Veleta

Although the air is thin in 3,000 meters altitude, we managed the last approximately 400 altimeters in about half an hour.
We took the obligatory photos but stayed only for a short time to enjoy the stunning views from the top. We have been there many times before, but not so early in the morning.

Pico de Veleta Hans From

It is a very beautiful sight to see how the mountain ranges are fading into the distant mists, and how at this time of the day every mountain has different shades of gray. (not to be confused with the book!)

Collade de Lobo Granada

We hiked the aprox. 3 km. down, the same way as we had come up. Here we turned left onto a wide dirt road (not to be mistaken) and continued through the most beautiful mountain scenery, at quite passable dirt roads. After a short time we arrived at a fork in the road. Select the left via “Puntal de Loma Pua”, past “Laguna de Aguas Verdes” which has the most beautiful cyan color, “Collado del Lobo”, from which there are spectacular views back to the “Pico de Veleta”, along the “Rio Seco”. At this point, we left the gravel road and began a path that led us up a mountain ridge with stunning views of “Laguna de la Caldera” and the Iberian peninsula’s highest peak – Mulhacen. We could also have continued on the gravel road, but it would have meant a detour of about 4km. The path is not to be mistaken, and it is impossible to get lost as you can see Mulhacen in front of you all the way.

Laguna de la Caldera

On the way down from the mountain ridge, hiking towards Laguna de la Caldera we met for the first time a small technical challenge. Over approximately 200 meters the path was eroded, making it necessary to find support with your hands as well as your feet. This is where my walking sticks proved their worth. But Martin managed without sticks, just hanging on to the rock with his hands.

Laguna de la Caldera Sierra Nevada

From Caldera – which by the way also houses a permanent biuak with room for 10 people. We climbed the path up over the next hillside until we reached the top of Mulhacen. This climb goes over 1.5 km and is very steep. We are both in pretty good shape, but the incline alone made us stop every 100 meters to get our heart rhythm back under control. Remember that atmospheric oxygen is greatly reduced at 3,000 meters above sea level.

Now about 4 hours after we left the bus we stood on top of the Iberian Peninsula, making the obligatory photos and enjoying the spectacular and dramatic view to the full.
Mulhacen Martin

The walk from here down to the bus stop on the other side, the “Mirador de Veleta” is very easy. The route consists indeed of trails, but they are everywhere well marked by hundreds of cairns.

After a total of about 19 km. we arrived 15:00 at the bus stop – a lot earlier than we had expected. We could have waited for the bus to pick us up and drive us the 20 km down to Capileira and to our hotel, but instead we chose to continue our walk further 9 km down to the “Hoyo de Portillo”.

Helle Hollis Mulhacen

It is possible to go with a normal car from Capileira until Hoyo del Portillo where the road is blocked by a barrier. From the parking lot here we called Ingelise and Emma, ​​who came to collect us in our Helle Hollis rental car.

We were tired after a total of 28 km. walk – that is for sure – but we were full of wonderful impressions of nature. Besides the ubiquitous mountain views we saw eagles, falcons and vultures, and a few times we were very close to wild mountain goats. All in all, a perfect day in the Sierra Nevada.

Mulhacen Veleta

Needless to mention that the pending cold pint of beer and the subsequent shower was a godsend ……

The hotel itself in Capileira is good and clean. Breakfast is typically Spanish. Toast, coffee, buñuelos.

To learn more about this trip please contact Hans Hugo From, Managing Director, Helle Hollis Car Rental

Click to read  our other aticle about a hike to Mulhacen .

Practical tips for the hike:

It is cold in the morning before sun up, and it’s hot when approaching Capileira mid-afternoon. It is therefore wise to dress so you have several layers to take off. Remember hat and gloves for the trip up to Veleta. If there is heavy winds, it can get very cold.

You may want to bring a walking stick.

Take plenty of water. I brought 1.5 liters of water and a can of Aquarius, but ran out before we were down. There used to be a couple of mountain streams along the way, from which you could take drinking water but they were all dried up on this occasion.

Remember proper shoes with good anti slip soles.

The Malaga Wheel


Malaga Wheel

The new attraction, the Malaga Wheel, has arrived to Malaga – and even though it cannot compete with the London Eye in height, then you will definitely have great views of Malaga city and harbour.

The Malaga wheel, also called the “Princess Wheel” reaches 70 meters high and is placed at Muelle Uno at the harbour. The ride takes 15 minutes and you will get three turns with the wheel. Click here to see a Youtube video for the views of the Wheel.

The wheel will be officially inaugurated on the 6th of September.

The entrance fees are as follows: Children less than 80 cm go free, otherwise it costs 6 euros for children and 10 euros for an adult.

For sure it will be a new great attraction you wish to try next time you visit Málaga.

New UK driver’s license requirement will not affect your car hire in Málaga

7/06/2015 | 3 comments

UK drivers license

As of the 8th of June DVLA will abolish the paper counterpart of the photo card licence. The paper counterpart includes details of endorsements or penalty points.

The new procedure from the 8th will imply that the driver should ask online on the DVLA site the day before his departure to get a summary of his driver’s record and will be given a code.  This code is only valid for 72 hours and should be given to the car hire company in case they would like to check the drivers driving record.

“At Helle Hollis we want to make it easy and simple for our clients and we will not require the client to present the drivers record to rent a car.”
“We only require that the driver presents a valid driver’s licence,” adds Hans Hugo From, the Managing Director at Helle Hollis car rental.

“Neither do we want to make any business out of this e.g. charging more in excess deposit or excess waiver in cases where a driver has any penalty points, “informs Hans Hugo.

“The news in the UK press infers that this change will cause chaos at the car hire companies in e.g. Spain and we would therefore like to assure car hire clients, that at Helle Hollis we only require a valid driver’s licence,” ends Hans Hugo

For more official information click here to the  DVLA site.

A visit to Cabo de Gata in Andalusia


Cabo de Gata

We needed to get a little bit away from everyday life, and therefore decided to take three days off and go to Cabo de Gata, the south-easternmost point on the Iberian peninsula – and one of Spain’s most distinctive and exciting nature reserves.

We therefore booked three nights at the 4star MC San Jose, located near the center of the area’s capital, San José.

Saturday, April 25th

We packed our Helle Hollis rental car in the morning and headed for San José, located 235 km from Málaga airport. The trip from Málaga to around Almuñecar is very beautiful, even if you as we choose to drive along the highway.

From Almuñecar you cross some of the most surreal landscapes I have seen. It is impossible for long periods to spot the ground. The whole landscape is as wrapped in plastic, and when you see it from a distance it looks like a silver sea.

In fact we are speaking of plastic greenhouses. The area between Almuñecar and Murcia is Spain’s vegetable garden, and many crops can be grown here both three and four times a year. Pretty it is not – but very distinctive.  I did not find  any reason to take a photo though.

We had lunch in Castell del Ferro, located in the province of Granada. The town is nothing special, but is like a little oasis in all the plastic landscape. Right down to the sea, with a small beach promenade where there are some small restaurants.
Prices are affordable and the quality is high compared to some of the more touristic cities. We were lucky that on this particular day the yearly tapas competition was held, where the local bars compete to get elected the best tapa. (Small dish or appetizer which throughout the province of Granada, is served for free when you buy a glass of wine or beer). In Málaga province it has become custom to charge for tapas. But here,  the tapa is for free!

Thus refreshed both eyes and palate, we continued towards Almeria (which is also worth a visit –  one can visit an old fortress which is open to the public – free entrance for EU citizens). On this occasion, we continued however without entering Almeria and ended up in San José in the afternoon, where we quickly found our hotel on the right in the second roundabout after entering the little town.
We checked into the MC San Jose at 17:00h. in good time for afternoon tea (merienda) that was included in the room rate. High quality coffee, juice and homemade bakery.


Hotel San Jose MC Almeria

The hotel’s cosy lobby where the sofa is built like a boat.

After coffee we found our room that was located with a small front yard next to the hotel’s patio. In the patio there is a swimming pool intended for swimming laps and a small outdoor bar. All very cosy, well kept and super clean. Everywhere flowing softly relaxing music ..

Room Hotel SanJoseMC

Our large room with huge bed

Apart from the size of the rooms being unusually large, so the bedding should highlighted. The crispest Egyptian  cotton   with the hotel monogram embroidered.

In the minibar there is free bottled water and throughout the hotel free Wi-Fi, so we could keep up with the news     and social media.

The evening was spent in downtown San José – just a 10 minutes walk from the hotel.

About the town itself it can be said that it is a nice tourist town, very small and easy to get around with a marina and fishing port right in the center of the city, at the end of the main road. A small square where the whole town meet in the evening, and many cosy places where you can enjoy a glass of wine or beer. All within a few minutes walk from the hotel, so you do not have to take the car. We went for a stroll along the port to see the boats.

SAn Jose Port Almeria





San Jose Port

Then we dropped by a delicatessen which sells typical products from the area as well as serving wine and tapas.

Tapa Deli San Jose Almeria

The dinner was a pizza at Brigantino. There are two pizza places with the same name in the small town. One on the port, and one in the main street Calle Ronda. They both serve great pizzas, baked in wood-fired stone ovens . Unfortunately the staff  in both places are not very service minded. But never mind! They do have my favourite Sicilian wine Corvo at just 12 € per bottle.

Sunday, April 26th

After a sumptuous breakfast, which of course was also included in the room rate, we decided to make a hike to a nearby fishing village Isleta del Moro – about 10 km – lineal.

map Cabo de Gata

From the hotel we went back towards the entrance of the town (there is just this one entrance). At the last roundabout we went right in the direction of the campsite and Playa Higuera. From here the road goes slightly upwards until the tarmac runs out. From here starts a track which must be followed more or less straight ahead (do not go right to the Playa Higuera) The track narrows after a short time into a path which rises steeply. One can see an old lighthouse on the top of a ridge.

Hike San Jose Almeria
Clearly marked path.

Although we didn’t need to go all the way up to the lighthouse, it serves as an excellent marker. It is not possible to go wrong. As long as the path is followed and as long as it goes steeply uphill. This bit is the only place during the whole trip which can be challenging. But the underfoot is quite stable, so it is just a matter of finding a pace that fits your fitness.

San Jose Almeria

View San Jose

Once reached the top you are rewarded with the most stunning views back towards San José, Higuera beach and of the Mediterranean.
Now follow the coastline in a northerly direction (to the left when you stand looking out over the water). On the way we passed one small bay after another, all a little unique painting in themselves. I choose to let the photos speak for themselves. Besides the breath-taking views, we enjoyed on this trip the flora, which at this time of year is quite rich. A month or two further down the line, flowers will be scare as Cabo de Gata is one of Spain’s driest spots.

Flowers spring Andalusia

Flowers desert spring almeria


We followed the path along the water for about 6-7 kilometres, past an old fortress which at that date held a small market, where refreshments could be enjoyed.

Fort Isleta del Moro

Fort Almeria


Then we followed the asphalted road inland for about 1 km until we came to Isleta del Moro where we had a delicious lunch of mussels of various kinds and a wonderful tomato salad made of Raf tomatoes. Raf tomatoes taste like tomatoes should taste – like tomato!

Fresh shellfish


The restaurant is situated only 5 meters from the water’s edge in the small fishing village where the boats are still pulled up on shore every night. And just as well, as this afternoon, a storm broke out, with gusts of more than 100km per hour. The small tent where we lunched was rattling so wildly that it was at times difficult to hold a conversation.

Spanish Lunch

Isleta de Mora aerial photo

Isleta del Moro (old aerial photo)

After lunch we agreed therefore that we had walked enough and took with a local taxi (Vincente) back to San José and the hotel – again in time for afternoon tea.

In the evening we had dinner at the hotel. Three amazing delicious dishes for just 20 €. The hotel was also hosting a glass of local wine which was served in the hotel’s charming and cosy bodega. A pity that we were the only guests in the bodega that night. The restaurant had three tables occupied, so there was plenty of time to chat with the friendly service.

Bodega Hotel San Jose MC

The cosy bodega in the hotel basement

We asked among other things if they knew what the initials MC stands for. They muttered something about Maria Carmen, the first name of the owner’s grandmother, but without being really convincing. I checked the web page of the hotel and found out that it stands for Monte y Cala (Mountain and Bay) – and nothing could be more indicative of San Jose as mountain and bay. It offers plenty of both.

Monte y Cala

Monday, April 27th

We made full use of our Helle Hollis rental car that day by driving up and down the coast visiting other small coves and fishing villages. Particular attention should be given to  Agua Amarga (bitter water) which is a very nice, albeit sleepy bathing and fishing village.

If you are for total peace and quiet, then I recommend visiting Cala del Plomo (the led bay). There is no asphalted access road. Follow a dirt road of about 6 km. The bumpy ride is worthwhile when you come to a totally human deserted bay framed by the most beautiful rock formations.

Before we headed back to San José and the hotel’s afternoon tea, we just had enough time to see the lighthouse at Cabo de Gata. You can drive right up to the lighthouse, which offers the most amazing views.

Only complaint that day was that we neither saw seals nor dolphins. According to the signs it should be possible to see both species in the crystal clear waters which also are protected natural area.

From the experience that day again I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata

Cabo de Gata Almeria


Tuesday, April 28th

Went back to Malaga – with a single stop in Almuñecar which we last time visited 25 years ago. A breath-taking development has taken place – in great contrast to our previous days in Cabo de Gata, where life goes quietly, and where man still has not conquered nature – thanks to the whole area being designated a natural park.

If you have been inspired to taking a trip to Cabo de Gata, remember that you have free mileage when you rent your car with Helle Hollis.

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Malaga – San Jose:  235 km.
Hotel MC San Jose: 3 nights with breakfast € 204 through
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Taxi Vicente 608056255 – took 15 € for the trip from Isleta del Moro to San Jose

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Hans Hugo From, Director
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Hans og Ingelise Cabo de Gata