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Christmas lights switch on in Malaga city


Christmas lights Malaga 2013

Every year the city of Malaga has a spectacular Christmas decoration with millions of LED lights.

This year 2014 the Christmas lights will be switched on,  on the 28th of November at 20 h. The same evening , around 19.30h. , a free concert will be held at the Plaza de la Constitucion with the Spanish singer Chenoa.

Get into the Christmas spirit and stroll along the shopping street Calle Larios and the surrounding streets. You may also want to see the nativity scene at Malaga Town Hall with free admission -and of course there is plenty of opportunity for Christmas shopping.  Shops are celebrating “Black Friday” sales the 28th of November with lots of offers.

Book your December car now and experience the magical Christmas atmosphere in Malaga.

Try the new coastal path that links La Cala de Mijas to Calahonda


Coastal path La Cala de Mijas

Who does not enjoy a walk along the seafront promenade or the seashore?

Now you have the opportunity to try the new coastal path, a natural seafront promenade that runs from La Cala de Mijas to Calahonda. The path has a distance of approximately 6 km along the coast where you can walk, run or bike and is made of natural materials that integrate in the nature.

The stretch is part of the project “Pathway along the Coastline”, taking into account the natural environment and contains no type of artificial lightning.
It is planned that this path is continued so that one day it will be possible to walk to Marbella along the coast.

Click here to see how the walkway is.  It starts in La Cala de Mijas.

Enjoy the lovely autumn weather with a walk along the beach.



Important road information! Old access road to Malaga airport closed off!


Access road to Malaga Airport

The old access road to the airport has been closed off in both directions due to road work.

During a routine inspection of the bridge’s condition cracks have been found in the asphalt road that access the bridge. The bridge itself does not have any problems. These cracks are currently being further examined by the municipal technical staff and it means that the access road has been closed off completely.

This closure concerns only our customers coming from the direction of Marbella for returning the hire car.

We recommend our customers to take the motorway exit MA-23 “Aeropuerto”, which is the relatively new exit that will bring you directly to the departure terminal. We recommend that you head for the departure terminal and do not follow signs for “Rent a car parking” as this for only for the car hire companies based in the Airport terminal.  When you get to the departure terminal, then continue driving and stay to the right and follow the sign for “Torremolinos / Avda. Velazquez “.

It will lead you to the roundabout from where you can then easily see Helle Hollis Head Office. We are still not sure for how long time the closure will be but we expect 1-2 months.

When you arrive to pick up your rental car, then you are welcome to ask our staff for assistance and we will be more than pleased to help you.

Your chance to watch the football match between Malaga CF – Real Madrid at the Rosaleda stadium in Malaga!


Rosaleda stadion in Malaga

Now you have the opportunity to participate in the draw for 2 tickets for the football match between Malaga CF- Real Madrid which takes place at the Rosaleda stadium in Malaga Saturday the 29th of November at 20hrs.
You will enjoy the match together with the Danish supporter group “La Pena de Dinamarca”.

To participate, you just need to have a car rented with us that goes over the date of 29th of November and send an email to with your the name and booking reference number. You will then participate in the draw. Please note that the tickets are non-transferable.

The draw will take place on the 19th of November where we will publish the lucky winner on Facebook and Twitter.
The prize includes 2 tickets to the match but not transportation or dining with the Danish supporter group.

Participate in the draw and get yourself an exciting Spanish football experience.

Summer Rates 2015 are now ready!



Already missing the sunny days and warmer weather? Why not start planning for next year’s Easter and summer holiday?

We’ve had many customers enquiring about summer 2015 rates, and have hurried up to get them published so you can book your summer holiday car already.

There’s no point in telling you again that each year we sell out of the most popular car groups despite increasing our fleet for the past 4 years.  If you want to make sure that your particular car group is available when you’re planning to come on holiday, then as the saying goes “there is no time like the present” and we recommend you to book your car now.

Remember that you do NOT have to pay in advance and we never charge a cancellation or amendment fee.

Avoid falling in the speed trap!


Car driving

Now you need to take extra care so you do not get a speeding ticket.

The Spanish Traffic Authority has without notice changed the criteria’s for giving speeding tickets.

So far, there has been a radar error margin of 10% which was to the drivers benefit before a speeding ticket was given.

If, for example, the speed limit was of 120km/h, one could in fact run 130 km/h before given a speeding ticket. This “grace margin” has now been reduced, so that the fine will be given at 126 km/h in the case of a fixed speed trap, and at 128 km h in the case of a mobile speed trap.

Essentially this means that the “grace” margin has been reduced to 5% by fixed speed traps and 7% of mobile speed traps.

In the case, where the road limit is less than 100 km/h the grace margin is now 5 km h of fixed speed trap and 7 km/h at a mobile speed trap.

As always we want you to end your holidays with a smile and without any unnecessary surprises, so therefore be sure to respect the speed limits to avoid costly fines and points.


Where can I print my boarding card ?

21/09/2014 | 7 comments

Helle Hollis service point

You now have everything planned for the summer holidays, to the smallest detail. The hotel or holiday home is booked; the flights are booked and paid for too.  It is rare that the bargain flight you saw is what you will pay in the end, as often a surcharge for paying with credit card is added or you may even end up paying for an extra suitcase too.

As you get closer to the departure date, you turn on your computer to print the boarding cards … and this is when the unpleasant surprise comes if you don’t want to pay 15 pounds for not having printed your boarding card!  Some airlines are now making it so that the boarding cards can only be printed 7 days before departure, unless you pay an additional fee (now for seating).

This means that you can print your boarding cards for the trip going out but if you are staying more than 7 days you will not be able to print your boarding cards for your return trip.
So there you are relaxing at the pool and wondering where do I find a computer and printer to print the boarding cards?  You might decide to pay the additional fee and be assured to print the boarding cards before you leave from home.
Or you can …

Go to Helle Hollis Head Office at Malaga Airport!

We have a customer service point in the waiting area where you can check in online and print your boarding card – and of course it is completely FREE.

We recommend though that you come on a day during your holidays to print the boarding card, to avoid any hiccups on your day of departure!  Give yourself time  to get it solved as it might be that other customers have had the same idea. It’s FREE to print your return boarding card at  Helle Hollis Head Office – another of the many benefits of hiring a car with us !

(We only offer this service from Helle Hollis Head Office at Malaga Airport)

Luna Mora in Guaro


Luna Mora Guaro

One of the major events on the Costa del Sol is “Luna Mora” in Guaro which takes place during the weekend from the 06.09-07.09 and the weekend 13.09 –14.09.

Guaro is a small Spanish village which is located 40 km from Malaga, via Coin – and 20 km from Marbella via Monda. Click here to find the driving description.

For now many years Guaro  is celebrating a festival where the village is transformed into the Al-Andaluz époque with over 25,000 candles that will light up the village streets when darkness falls.  The village people ensure that Guaro is beautifully decorated for this event.

You will find a Moorish market, theater plays, entertainment and exotic gastronomy with the magic from the thousands of candles. In addition, there will be flamenco music concerts which tickets must be ordered in advance and is held in the village auditorium or you can listen to other music groups that are playing in the village streets.

Guaro has arranged plenty of parking spaces outside the village, and a shuttle service is going back.

Get more information here

Rio Chillar in Nerja !


Rio Chillar Nerja

I actually always knew that there’s a really nice hike from Nerja – up the Chillar river.  I also knew that it’s a very popular destination, especially for local hikers, picnickers and fresh water swimmers – and perhaps this is precisely why we have taken so along to visit the river ourselves.  I think we prefer to experience nature without too many distractions.

However, it was not until one of Ingelise’s friends uploaded photos of her river hike on Facebook, that we got real curious – we decided that the time was right and to have a closer look for ourselves.

The day was marked in the calendar and Sunday August 3rd  we set out -relatively early in the morning for a Sunday.  The GPS in our Helle Hollis rental car was set for Calle Mirto in Nerja – about an hour’s drive from Malaga following A7 towards Motril.

Having parked the car properly, we started our 5-hour-unforgettable-hike where we walked, almost constantly, in the river itself.

We began from the disused quarry where there is a guarded parking space for 62 cars.  At this stage the river is not very well defined.  The river bed is mostly wide and the river itself is only a small stream that meanders in and out.  This stretch is managed easily without challenges at all (apart from trying to avoid getting wet feet) and within half an hour we reach the hydropower plant.

On this occasion, one of the floodgates were open, so those who liked or needed it could have  a huge shower from the heavy gush of water bursting out of the water channel that channels Nerja’s drinking water to the storage tanks.
Rio Chillar nerja
The river narrows     (Privat photo: Hans Hugo From)

Now the river narrows and it becomes inevitable to walk with your feet in the actual water.  The water reaches your ankles – and it now seems foolish having tried initially to avoid getting our feet wet.  The temperature of the water is comfortable and does not at any time feel cold.

After another hour’s hike the river narrows further, and is in some places only about a meter wide.  On either side raises the polished marble walls several meters into the air.  It can be difficult to determine exactly, but I am convinced they raise at least 3 storeys high above our heads.  Feels a bit like being in a cathedral.

This part of the river is incredibly exciting, and you are constantly surprised over what awaits you round the next corner.  The water level here reaches in some places to the knees, and the river bed offers the occasional obstacle in the form of small rapids and fallen logs – mostly of decorative nature.  The light is broken beautifully in the clear water, and the interplay of light and shadow is extremely beautiful.

After half an hour the river widens again, and we reach the first pools where it is possible to swim.  The number and frequency of the rapids increases, and the river bed offers bigger and more challenging obstacles – but none big enough to require crawling on all four.  This stage of the river is lined with flourishing oleander.

Rio Chillar water
One of the many small rapids        (Photo cc: Hans Hugo From)

After totalling just over 2 hours of hiking we reach the first real waterfall.  Here it is really possible to swim.  The water is crystal clear and very inviting. Here we took our own packed food which strengthened us for the return journey which we began immediately after.

Rio Chillar Nerja Pool
The first waterfall and large pools      (Photo cc: Hans Hugo From)

We were lucky to set out relatively early. This meant that during much of the time going upriver we had the landscape to ourselves. On the return trip on the other hand, there was heavy traffic of “oncoming hikers” who were actually quite loud and annoying to the overall experience of nature.

Rio Chillar Nerja
We are not alone home on our way home!   (Photo cc: Hans Hugo From)

In spite of this, we saw some of the most beautiful scenery we have ever seen in Spain. I cannot believe that we have been waiting 17 years for this.

Subsequently, I found out that we could have hiked even further up the river and that there are even bigger and more beautiful waterfalls.  But we do not regret that we turned back when we did.

Although we are experienced hikers and used to the mountains, it is a lot different walking in water.  We both admit that we were pretty beat when we returned at 15:30 to our Helle Hollis rental car and headed back to Mijas.
Rio Chillar nerja
A well deserved rest                  (Photo cc: Hans Hugo From)

Filled up to capacity with unforgettable, beautiful and positive impression – that we can live on for a long time – or at least until our next trip in 14 days to Capileira in Alpujarras where we have planned another  hike from Mulhacen to Trevelez.

The car hire you naturally rent at

Set out Calle Mirto is easily found.  Turn away from the sea at the Burriana roundabout in Nerja and follow the signs to the market “mercadillo”.  Continue along the parking and turn left at the end of the road.  You come to a concrete road that leads under the highway bridge.   At the end of this concrete road the hike starts.

There are 62 monitored parking spaces at the end of the concrete road.  If these are all taken there is parking alongside the Market in Calle Mirto.

Duration of the hike
From the parking lot to the waterfall we took 2 – 2.5 hours of hiking at a steady pace.  Retracing our steps for return, a total of 4 – 5 hours of hiking.  Plus breaks for taking pics, admiring the views and eating.  Medium difficulty.

The hike is suitable for all ages – even children down to 7-8 years. It’s fine that you can turn back whenever you want or whenever you have had enough. However, you owe it to yourself at least to walk the first half hour up to the hydroelectric power plant where the scenery becomes really interesting.

Start as early as possible. 08:00 is not too early. The longer you wait the more people.

What you need to bring
It is essential to wear good trainers with a good sole.  I would not recommend you to wear worn out old shoes as they tend not to have much grip left.  Not that the stones in the flood are very slippery – but anyway better safe than sorry!

Water and a packed lunch.

We love our hiking poles and made frequent use of them, especially to estimate water depth and also great to have an extra point of support.  Hiking poles can be purchased at any Decathlon store in Malaga for as little as 12 € for a set.

To learn more about the tour please feel free to contact
Hans Hugo From,
Director, Helle Hollis Car Rental


Malaga Fair 2014


Malaga Fair 2014

The Málaga fair, also called “Feria” in Spanish is just around the corner.

This year the fair will take place from the 16th to the 23rd of August and in between there is a local holiday in Málaga on the 19th of August.  (Shops and museums will be closed that day).

The inauguration of the Málaga fair takes place on Friday the 15th at midnight with a massive fireworks display on the “La Malagueta” beach, located next to Muelle Uno.  Then there is the free concert with the music group “Andy & Lucas” once the fair is officially open.

Over the following days you can join in with the fun and dance during the daytime in the centre of Malaga.  Just follow the stream of people to Calle Larios at the heart of the city which is always adorned in blazing colour and where you must take a photo – you will hear it before you see it!  The side streets and alleys will also be buzzing with feria makers. . Around 18.00hr each day the city centre winds down and the fair moves to the outskirts of Málaga on the big fairground called “Cortijo de Torres”.  You will find the fairground next to Malaga congress centre and if you are coming along the A-7 you can follow the signs for “Feria”

At the fair ground you will not only find “casetas” (tents) where you can enjoy flamenco music and tasty tapas, but there is also a large area with fairground attractions and rides for children and adults.

It is relatively easy to park next to the fairground as there are large parking areas provided.   But it is obviously easier to find a parking space earlier rather than later in the evening  as masses of people arrive later from 22.00h as the fair goes on practically all night. The parking time is unlimited for only a small donation of 1€ to the disabled association.

And as usual, we remind you that if you have to catch a flight in the evening during the “Malaga fair week”, then we strongly recommend that you plan plenty of extra time to arrive to the Airport as  there are usually queues to and from the access roads on the motorway to the fairground area.

Have a fun Málaga Feria!