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The Russian Museum opens in Málaga


Tabacalera Malaga

Málaga is becoming more and more known as a culture city with exciting art museums. We already have the Picasso, CAC and Carmen Thyssen Museum.
During March month another art museum will be inaugurated, which is called “Collections from the Russian Museum“.

The Russian Museum in St. Petersburg has one of the largest collections of Russian art.  It is the first time that a bigger collection of its artworks are permanently exhibited in Europe.

The permanent exhibition is called “Russian art in the period XV-XX” and contains amongst other icon paintings from the XV period.  From the avant-garde art period there will be shown paintings from Kandinsky and Chagall. This exhibition can be seen until November 2015. The temporary exhibition is called “Russian art on Diaghilev’s time” can be seen until September. Diaghilev was the founder of the Russian ballet and arranged also art exhibitions.

The Russian Museum is located in the old renovating Tobacco factory in Málaga, also called “Tabacalera”. It is next door to the Automobile museum “Museo Automovilistico” so why not visit both museums on the same day.

The address is Av. Sor Teresa Prat, 29003 Malaga and it takes only 10min. by car from Málaga airport.  The admission price is 8 euros for both the permanent and temporary exhibition and there will be free admission every Sunday afternoon from 4pm until closing time.

The opening date for the museum is set for Wednesday the 25th of March 2015.

The famous orange trees in Seville – did you know that…?



Seville city is amongst other things famous for its many orange trees throughout the city centre and when the trees bloom in spring, it smells wonderful in the streets.
Here are some fun data that  you probably did not know about the orange trees of Seville.

-There are 25,000 orange trees in Seville, which makes the city the world’s only city with the most orange trees.  The Seville orange tree produces a bitter orange so the fruit is not suitable for juice.

- The orange tree originally came from China, where it was thought to bring luck to the owner. This was one of the reasons why the orange tree was so quickly widespread in Seville.

Oranges from Seville

- It was the Moors who introduced the orange tree in Seville.

- Until the Middle Ages the oranges were exclusively used as a medicine.

- The Spanish name for orange tree is “naranjo” and for the fruit orange “naranja”.

- The Indian name for orange tree is nâranga which means “fragrant”.

- The Seville orange is used for perfume, wine and jam. The most famous brand is the “Seville Orange Marmalade” which is sold in England.

If you want to experience Seville when the orange blossoms, then you must visit Seville in March and early April.
Read more about Seville here


Reaching new heights walking the “Caminito del Rey” – a great nature experience!

9/02/2015 | 1 comment

Caminito Del Rey

Want to get a little adrenaline in the blood during your next visit to the Costa del Sol? Forget it if you suffer from vertigo….
Then we can recommend a visit to the newly renovated path called in Spanish “El Caminito del Rey” in the El Chorro area of Malaga.

The path “Caminito del Rey” is located about an hour’s drive from Malaga a little further inland from  Alòra and was built in 1905 by the Hydroelectric company El Chorro as it needed to have an access between its two hydroelectric power plants lying in the mountain gorge Desfiladero de los Gaitanes. The path was to make easier access for the maintenance workers overseeing the hydropower stations and transport material between them. The pathway was carved into the steep mountainside and a suspension bridge crosses the several hundred meter deep gorge.

Bridge over Caminito del Rey

As time passed by the lack of maintenance made the path deteriorate but despite of that as the area is famous for mountain climbing, it was continued to be used by climbers.  After several fatal accidents happened due to the poor state of the path, it was closed off.

A year ago, the regional government began to renovate and reconstruct this path. It has been a very complicated work to get the pathway reconstructed, but now it is finally set for opening.

The trail is 3 km long and made of wooden beams which are drilled into the mountain with iron bars. Some places along the path have glass floor so you can see the gorge and the river hundreds meters below you.
Work on Caminto del Rey

To get an idea of the heights where the path goes, then take a look at this beautiful video. We are sure that even with the worst fear of heights you want to take the walk or perhaps, not …?

Watch here the video how the royal path was reconstructed.

The official opening is being planned so that it is open for Easter, but so far the set day has not been published. In order to visit the path you must reserve online (the website is still not published), as it only allows groups of 25-30 people at a time to go on the trail with a guide. The first 3 months the entrance will be for free.

As soon as we hear where and how you can reserve online for a visit to El Caminito del Rey, we will let you know via our newsletter or Facebook.

Caminito Gossip! The trail was named the “royal pathway” after the king Alonso XIII went along the path during his inauguration in 1921 of a water reservoir.  It also featured in the 20thCentury Fox film called Von Ryan’s Express and until its repair was known as one of the world’s most dangerous hikes!  Antonio Banderas has already been to see it with the Mayor of Malaga.  Day 2 of the Cycling Tour of Spain will wiz around the Caminito area on  the 22nd of  August!

Click here to see the official website of the El Caminito del Rey.

How to get to El Chorro:
From Malaga take the A-357 towards Cartama and at km 22 follow the signs for  El Chorro, Embalses. Here you can either stop at El Chorro – or continue and follow the directions for a walk along the trail Sendero de Gaitanejo which is a circuit of 5.5 km.

Photos: Diputación de Málaga

Castellar Zoo, a different zoo in the province of Cádiz


Zoo de Castellar


How about a visit to Castellar Zoo, a zoo that differs from others you have seen?  This is a great day trip for all animal friends and families with children.


Castellar Zoo is in reality an animal rescue centre for exotic animals and is one of the great unknowns of Andalusia.  Partly because it does not advertise as much as other larger zoo´s, however everyone who has visited it will recommend that it is worth their time.  It is just a small zoo which opened to the public in 2002.

Castellar Zoo began as a private initiative where it took care of exotic animals that had been confiscated by the authorities or animals that have been kept as illegal pets.  The animals were cared for and given the best conditions of life possible, considering that they had already been removed from their natural habitat.   A few years after the rescue centre opened up, the owners decided to open it to the public so that people could enjoy and learn from these animals.

The big difference between Castellar Zoo and others is that, being a small zoo and born as a rescue centre, it is a very familiar zoo.  People can touch and play with the animals and even feed them – always with the guidelines from the animal keepers. This makes the experience for both children and adults, so much richer.  In the Zoo de Castellar you can amongst others see Adon (a white tiger), Sasha (a Bengal tiger), Bambina (Baby antelope) and Daniel (a white parrot).

The opening hours of the Zoo de Castellar is from 10.00 am to dusk (closing time is later in summer than in winter), and is open every day of the week.

The ticket price is 9 euros for children and 15 euros for adults (11 for pensioners).

Coming from Malaga airport, then take the A-7 and head for Estepona.  At Sotogrande take the exit 130 Guadeira/Castellar, and follow Crta. De Arenillas/A-2100.  After about 11km from this exit you will find Zoo de Castellar.

The address is Cerro del Moro s/n -  11350 Castellar de la Frontera The trip from Malaga Airport will take approximately 1hour and 40 minutes if you take the toll motorway.


Read more here about the Zoo el Castellar  and we wish you a great day out.


Shopping centres on the Costa del Sol


Shopping center

As everywhere, you will find some amazing sales in all shops during January, but do you know all the shopping centres that are available on the Costa del Sol? Here is a brief overview of shopping centres on the coast, so if you are you looking to buy Spanish fashion, shoes or jewellery or to have some tantalising tapas then visit one of the shopping centres.

La Cañada in Marbella
La Cañada shopping centre on the outskirt of Marbella is one of the largest on the Costa del Sol.  There are over 150 stores with a wide selection of clothes, electronics, shoes, furniture etc.  There are also restaurants, a cinema and a large supermarket. One advantage of the La Cañada shopping center is it has free parking for outdoor as well as in the massive underground parking. The shopping center is open from Monday to Saturday from 10-22h and during the summer high season and December month the shopping center will also open on Sundays. If coming from Malaga airport, then head for Marbella and take exit 184 from the A-7 motorway to get to La Cañada.

El Corte Inglés
Harrods is to London as El Corte Inglés is to Spain … its part of the countries shopping culture.  The department store is in most cities around the country and has a rich variety of all kinds of products ranging from clothes of famous brands to hairdressing salon and travel agency.  They say if you can’t find it in El Corte Inglés it’s because it doesn’t exist!

In Malága there is an El Corte Inglés department store in the center of Malága city and just outside the city of Malága next to the conference center.  In addition, there is El Corte Inglés Mijas Costa which is located at the bypass by Fuengirola and there is a smaller version of El Corte Inglés in the center of Fuengirola town.  In Puerto Banus, Marbella, there is yet another, which is probably the coast’s largest department store.

Miramar shopping center in Fuengirola
From Malaga to Fuengirola on the A-7 take exit 208 to get to the shopping center Miramar.  In Miramar there is a large selection of stores such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Adolfo Dominguez and Primark.  With over 3000 free parking spaces it is easy to get to and do your shopping.  It also offers a large Eroski supermarket, cinema and restaurants.  For children’s entertainment there is the Miramar club which is open from Wednesday to Saturday for children aged 4-12 years so while you do your shopping the children can play. Miramar shopping center is open from Monday to Saturday from 10-22hr, and also on Sundays during the summer season and in December.

Shopping centers east of Malaga
East of Malaga you will find the shopping center “Rincon de la Victoria” which you access from the motorway A-7 or from MA-24.  Here you will find over 60 shops, a cinema and a large supermarket – and of course there is free parking.

If you continue to drive a little further east of Malaga, you will come to the shopping center El Ingenio, located next to Torre del Mar. Remember to take exit 272 from the A-7.  You can actually see the shopping center from the motorway. El Ingenio offers free children’s club for children between 3-12 years while you make your purchases.  There are over 100 stores in the center, a cinema and a large supermarket.

Shopping centers in Malaga city
In the center of Malaga city, there are 3 shopping centers relatively close to each other.

The shopping center Larios Centro is located parallel to Avenida de Andalucía which is the access road to the center of Malaga.  At the roundabout for El Corte Inglés you turn off towards Avda. de la Aurora. In the shopping center you will find a great selection of shops, a cinema, and a large supermarket and there is free Wi-Fi in the restaurant area.

Another shopping center is Malaga Plaza also located parallel to Avda de Andalucía (on the street called Armengual de la Mota). You will find specialty stores, Fnac and there are often arranged fashion shows, concerts and art exhibitions in the center.

Finally, there is Vialia, the shopping center located at the main train station in Málaga.  Also here is a great selection of shops, a cinema and restaurants.  Vialia is located at Avda de la Estacion and is not far away from Larios shopping center.

At the back of the city, not far from the football stadium you will find the shopping center La Rosaleda on Avenida Simon Bolivar de Malaga.  Here you will find over 120 shops, restaurants, a cinema and a large supermarket for your shopping.

Plaza Mayor malaga

Shopping center next to Malaga Airport
Plaza Mayor shopping center
Finally, we have the Plaza Mayor shopping center which is only a five minute drive by car from Malaga airport.  Plaza Mayor is located on the MA-20 and you should take the exit “Parador de Golf”.  The shopping center is built in Andalusian style as a mini village where you walk around outdoors.  There are a wide variety of restaurants and tapas bars to try and a cinema.  It is easy to park outside and a very popular place on weekends to go out in the evening and enjoy yourselves.


Sierra Nevada – the ski season has started in Granada!


Sierra Nevada family

The ski season was officially inaugurated in Sierra Nevada on the 28th of November. Unfortunately, there is currently not much snow and only 10 km ski slope is ready for skiing. Therefore during this first week only a daily maximum of 500 skiers will be allowed.  The ski station has over 105 km of slopes available when weather conditions are optimum.

Sierra Nevada is about 2 1/2 hours’ drive from Malaga, and can easily be visited during a day trip.  Head for Granada and then take A-395 towards Sierra Nevada.

The ski resort is ideal for all ages. There is a separate section for children and families with play area and ski school which you can read more about here.

Or perhaps you are into snowboarding? Then you should try the snowboard park Super Park Sulayr which offers different zones according to the difficulty level. Click here for more information. (Unfortunately only in Spanish)

Sierra Nevada night time

You also have the opportunity to try the slopes in the evening with artificial lighting.  Every Thursday and Saturday evening from 19.00h to 22.00h 6 km ski slope is lighted up.

Check out here the snow situation and how many km slopes are ready for skiing before you head off.

Have a fun time!



New parking machines in Fuengirola


Parking machine

Are you going to visit Fuengirola and plan to park in the blue parking zones?  Then we would like to inform you that Fuengirola town has set up new parking machines which have new features from the old ones.

In order to get your parking ticket, you first have to press  “1″ on the screen. Next step is that you enter your rental car’s number plate number and you pay with coins or credit card for the time you want to park.  Finally press the green button and the parking ticket will now be printed which you can place inside the car´s front window.

Should you be so unlucky to get a parking fine, press “2″ to cancel this fine and then enter the car’s number plate number. The machine will indicate the amount to pay which can be done with cash or credit card.

The new feature is that you have to enter the number plate number, so keep the Helle Hollis car key ring at hand where you will find the number plate number and it will be easy for you to pay for the parking.

Christmas lights switch on in Malaga city


Christmas lights Malaga 2013

Every year the city of Malaga has a spectacular Christmas decoration with millions of LED lights.

This year 2014 the Christmas lights will be switched on,  on the 28th of November at 20 h. The same evening , around 19.30h. , a free concert will be held at the Plaza de la Constitucion with the Spanish singer Chenoa.

Get into the Christmas spirit and stroll along the shopping street Calle Larios and the surrounding streets. You may also want to see the nativity scene at Malaga Town Hall with free admission -and of course there is plenty of opportunity for Christmas shopping.  Shops are celebrating “Black Friday” sales the 28th of November with lots of offers.

Book your December car now and experience the magical Christmas atmosphere in Malaga.

Try the new coastal path that links La Cala de Mijas to Calahonda


Coastal path La Cala de Mijas

Who does not enjoy a walk along the seafront promenade or the seashore?

Now you have the opportunity to try the new coastal path, a natural seafront promenade that runs from La Cala de Mijas to Calahonda. The path has a distance of approximately 6 km along the coast where you can walk, run or bike and is made of natural materials that integrate in the nature.

The stretch is part of the project “Pathway along the Coastline”, taking into account the natural environment and contains no type of artificial lightning.
It is planned that this path is continued so that one day it will be possible to walk to Marbella along the coast.

Click here to see how the walkway is.  It starts in La Cala de Mijas.

Enjoy the lovely autumn weather with a walk along the beach.



Important road information! Old access road to Malaga airport closed off!


Access road to Malaga Airport

The old access road to the airport has been closed off in both directions due to road work.

During a routine inspection of the bridge’s condition cracks have been found in the asphalt road that access the bridge. The bridge itself does not have any problems. These cracks are currently being further examined by the municipal technical staff and it means that the access road has been closed off completely.

This closure concerns only our customers coming from the direction of Marbella for returning the hire car.

We recommend our customers to take the motorway exit MA-23 “Aeropuerto”, which is the relatively new exit that will bring you directly to the departure terminal. We recommend that you head for the departure terminal and do not follow signs for “Rent a car parking” as this for only for the car hire companies based in the Airport terminal.  When you get to the departure terminal, then continue driving and stay to the right and follow the sign for “Torremolinos / Avda. Velazquez “.

It will lead you to the roundabout from where you can then easily see Helle Hollis Head Office. We are still not sure for how long time the closure will be but we expect 1-2 months.

When you arrive to pick up your rental car, then you are welcome to ask our staff for assistance and we will be more than pleased to help you.